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I'm sorry for squeezing in a late entry for Atrocious Fashion Week, but I just found these scans again in my hard drive. They were originally for a "Oh god the 90's" post from one of our earlier events... but they fit in the week, so.

Oh Hercules. We loved you so. Except for this wardrobe...


Oh Hercules, get thee to a fashion designer! )
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Atrocious fashion week?  Well, I'd be remiss if I neglected this page from X-Wing: Rogue Squadron #28.

Assorted pages and panels of a Rebel pilot in ugly, ugly clothes. )

Suggested tags: title: star wars, char: wedge antilles, group: rogue squadron, series: atrocious fashion week

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Trust me...Mirage there has got the right idea. Scans Daily...start your screaming...


Recommended Tags:
Character Deathwing
Character Mirage/Miriam Delgado
Publisher DC Comics
Creator Phil Jiminez
Title Team Titans
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Having spent yesterday mocking some of the fashion choices of the Avengers ladies, now it's the gentlemen's turn.

Okay, so I went for the obvious target;

Who else? Ladies and gentlemen - Hawkeye. )

(Assorted scans from Avengers 63, 98 & 109, Captain America and Falcon 181 and Civil War: Fallen Son 3)

suggested tags: creator: john romita jr., creator: jeph loeb, creator: roy thomas, creator: sal buscema, creator: gene colan, char: hawkeye/ronin/clint barton, char: hawkeye/kate bishop, char: wasp/janet van dyne, char: ant-man/wasp/hank pym, char: vision, char: scarlet witch/wanda maximoff
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We're doing Atrocious Fashion Week now? Man, if we're doing Atrocious Fashion Week there's one person who absolutely must have a post. Or several.

The Queen of "Oh Honey No" moments herself, Ms Janet van Dyne.

It's tragic enough when she's just dressing herself but when she gets her hands on someone else's wardrobe . . .

She-Hulk finds out the hard way. (Slight warning for Jen's purple lace undies.) )

(Roughly four pages from Avengers 222)

Suggested tags: char: wasp/janet van-dyne, char: she-hulk/jennifer walters, creator: greg larocque, creator: steven grant, publisher: marvel comics, title: avengers
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Skalja got us started in her Spider-Butt post, with some of Peter's more...interesting 80s fashion choices. But when I think of bad 80s fashion, rendered oh so lovingly, my thoughts immediately turn to...

Glitter Graphics -

And there will be more, oh yes, there will be more once I get into my archive discs. But for now, a little something I found in Marvel Fanfare #38 when I was looking for my butt shot week posts.

Ali and Rogue have a night on the town! )

Fashion tags! char: dazzler/alison blaire, char: moon knight/marc spector, char: rogue/anna marie, creator: eduardo risso, creator: amy keyishian, creator: bill sienkiewicz, creator: colleen doran, creator: jo duffy, creator: judith hunt, creator: terry austin, group: x-men, publisher: dc comics, publisher: marvel comics, series: atrocious fashion week, title: dc fall fashion special 2001, title: marvel fanfare


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