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Once upon a time, Lois Lane began acting...not herself. She was cranky and rude to Clark and he felt bewildered and weakened. To make a long arc short, it was discovered that Lois is NOT Lois, but Parasite pretending to be Lois, and the real Lois is hidden somewhere. Parasite dies before Superman could find out where. These scans are from Action Comics #766 and Superman v.2 #159.
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Back when I was just getting into comics I devoured everything I could get my hands on. Since I am a Superman fangirl Superman: For Tomorrow was recommended to me. I would post a mega-post about it, but the truth is, I don't get it. I read both volumes in the vain hope that what was set up in the beginning would make sense by the end. I'm still wondering. However, I liked the art and it remains one of my favorites if only for the Lois and Clark (well...Superman, more on that below) moments in it. But it still confuses the hell out of me. If anyone understands and can explain a few things about this story to me I will give you an internet cookie and my undying gratitude.

These scans are from Vol 2 of For Tomorrow, originally from Superman (vol 2) #212.

So...yeah. Some explanation by those more knowledgeable than me would be nice, because I have lost count of the WTF moments. And this is my last contribution to Lois and Clark week, because the week is over and I have other stuff I should be getting to. I hope you enjoyed it with me!
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What kind of a Clois week would it be without The Wedding Album? Much cuteness and a suprisingly normal (read: no costumes, no villain attacks, etc) after the cut.


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Oh I love what I've sparked :D

"Superman: Up Up and Away!" is one of my absolute favorite stories. It's one I take out when I'm feeling out of sorts. It takes place immediately following the One Year Later jump, and deals with Superman's loss of powers and how he slowly gets them back. Perhaps what I like about it the most is that it's not a Superman story so much as a Clark Kent story. Yes, Superman appears and is heroic, but really the focus is on Clark and the life he leads and those around him, and shows why he is a hero even without the cape and powers. I strongly recommend it to everyone. Go buy the trade!

This scene is originally from Superman #652. Clark's powers have just been returning:
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I happen to love the couple very much. Comics OTP! And I did an article on them for Valentines day (along with some other four couples) that I had to get scans for, so I have quite a few Cloisy scans in my retinue. Mostly Clois-y, some are just Lois kicking ass. So, here's the V-day article.

My article for Big Shiny Robot

And now, onto the scans!

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Since it seems to be Clois week I thought why not post a few funny pages from Superman #192. This occured during the whole Cir-El Supergirl debacle (though I do like the character herself). So let's have some fun shall we!

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Hi! This is my first post to this scans_daily, though I posted to the first version (*sniff*) a couple of times before.

As requested, Clark Kent and Lois Lane dressed as Batman and Robin, respectively, for a Halloween party in Superman #130.

I hope the div-cut code works...

For dialuppers: http://i43.tinypic.com/20at7k9.jpg
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One of my OTPs in ANY fandom is Lois and Clark. It's not even a preference, it's a Fact that they belong together. I know Lois has had a varied history, but I love her when she is shown as smart, sassy, and sexy, which is why I loved Justice League Classified #10, because it contains all three! It also shows why Lois and Clark work together so well. 6 and 1/3 pages behind cut.


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