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Evil Inc. is one of my regular webcomics and I've posted from it before. It's rarely ribticklingly funny (though it can be), but has a lot of fun with various heroic/villainous tropes and has some terrfic moments.

As the basis for the whole series is supervillains operating as a corporate entity (Which reminds me I must post the second of my Serpent Society Posts sometime soon), it often reverses the standard clichés to amusing effect. Not all the villains are entirely evil (though they ARE villains, and even the sometimes apparently bumbling CEO Evil Atom has a VERY nasty streak), and more than a few of the heroes aren't exactly lily-white (Captain Heroic, their sort-of Superman-analog is secretly married to Miss Match, a pyrokinetic villain and they have a fun). One of their regulars in the series is Lightning Lady, a supervillainess who has never been THAT evil, but is trying to be the best villain she can (She started out as the Evil Inc receptionist, but through hard work, determination, a sentient memo (long story) and quite possibly some appropriately underhand dealing) is now in charge of their Customer Services Department, and she has her professional pride.

Lightning Lady is getting a good rep, and she's NOT happy! )
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Courtesy of todays Evil Inc. webcomic.

As Commander Heroic tells his son Captain Heroic about some of his old adventures.

I'm not sure if this is exploitative, warped as hell, or inspired... or possibly all three.

When they said her hair was turned into snakes... )
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I saw this while on my morningly read through my webcomics and thought this had to be posted. It is far too relevant to our interests.

Sidekick's kinks )

Evil Inc.

Dec. 11th, 2009 01:37 pm
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Evil Inc. is a rather enjoyable, long running webcomic about a world where super-villainy has gone corporate (Rather than just having crooks running your company). I'll try and post a selection of the better strips in the near future, but in the meantime here's todays, which struck a chord with me, can't think why! :)

If, when POLICEMEN start looking too young you feel old, what about superheroes? )


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