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For those not in the know, the First Wave universe is a recently created sub-line within the DC line. It's based primarily on pulps, although a few comic characters who fit into the pulpy universe - Batman, the Blackhawks, the Spirit, and nominally Black Canary (hasn't yet appeared) - are included. It's been shown in a Batman/Doc Savage special, a First Wave mini, and Doc Savage and Spirit ongoing series. This week another First Wave special came out, written by Jason Starr and drawn by Phil Winslade. Below the cut are a total of 4 pages out of 33, which I think do a fairly good job of contrasting the styles of the three leads of the book - Doc Savage, Batman, and Richard Benson, the Avenger.

More blahblahblah from me, and the images under cut. )

If nobody else does, once it's old enough to be open for more posting by me, I'll post a few more pages, to give a better look at the three. Or at least Bruce and Benson (The scene with Doc and Ham before Bruce shows up isn't all that interesting, really.)

I'd really like to see them do more with First Wave Batman.
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So First Wave the first's out today.

And it introduces us to its version of several characters- the uber Clark Savage Jr. and friends, the dirt-napping Denny Colt, and even some Blackhawks.

It also gives us our first look at the major villains of the First Wave, the international cabal of bad known as the Golden Tree...  )
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Following up on the theme of Batman, as he was when he was first written, here is one of the covers for . DCU Blog has the covers of First Wave #3.

It's been so long since we have seen him with them )


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