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A smidge late for Halloween, but here's a good story from the tragically underrated Zatanna solo series by Paul Dini a couple of years back.

Featuring Zatanna's failed Sesame Street Cameo, and more )
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So I've been a little out of the loop lately, for various reasons. Given the current direction of DC, expect that to continue. But I managed to stick my head back in and check in with my girls this week, and a few brief moments stood out as worthy of comment. Or maybe I just feel a need to talk about comics before the coming reboot steals all motivation to ever do so again, idk.

Some short pulls from recent comics )
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Four delightful pages under the cut, where we finally after several years get some honest to goodness backstory on Zach and a better glimpse into how he interacts with Zee. (:

You promise? )

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Are you excited? I know I'm excited.

Zachary Zatara, teen heart-throb, stage magician, and master transmogrifer (of non-humans), has been in comics for a few years now, and yet never had any substantial interaction with his cousin, Zatanna Zatara.

That changes now.

4 pages from Zatanna 4 )

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A few weeks ago on NS_D, I talked about my plans about starting a blog about the kind of YA fantasy I grew up reading-- namely, stuff about witches and absolutely NO sparkly vampires. (BTW, that blog is up and going and I've already done a profile of Nico Minoru) Given that Zatanna is getting her own ongoing in May, I've been trying to get a good grasp of the character (who I really only knew from Identity Crisis before), which led me to the 4-issue mini "Come Together" that came out in 1993.

As a girl who cut her comics teeth on Sandman but has mostly been reading superhero comics the past couple years, let me say: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I miss late-80s, early-90s DC/Vertigo art. A lot of European artists who hadn't given up on their European style, very gorgeous stuff! The story by Lee Marrs is okay, but the art by Esteban Maroto is phenomenal

Seriously. PRETTY. )

We've come a long way, baby! )
Requested tags: creator: lee marrs, creator: esteban maroto, char: zatanna zatara, year: 1993


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