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Four delightful pages under the cut, where we finally after several years get some honest to goodness backstory on Zach and a better glimpse into how he interacts with Zee. (:

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Are you excited? I know I'm excited.

Zachary Zatara, teen heart-throb, stage magician, and master transmogrifer (of non-humans), has been in comics for a few years now, and yet never had any substantial interaction with his cousin, Zatanna Zatara.

That changes now.

4 pages from Zatanna 4 )

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Going back to Zach's earliest appearances, here we have one panel from Teen Titans 37, and then a few pages from Teen Titans 39.

Here we have Zach's 'confessional' moment with Cyborg during his year-long recovery.

More below the cut!

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team: teen titans
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This has been mentioned a few other times, but I finally remembered to look for the issue.

So here it is ladies and gents, Zachary Zatara chained to a pillar, at the mercy of Mirabai the Forlorn.

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char: zatara/zachary zatara
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Since there's not nearly enough of him on this comm, I give you, The Z Files, the comprehensive gallery of Zachary Zatara's appearances. :D Enjoy!

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creator: guy major
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Still trying to find the issue in particular, but when last we saw the intrepid (and sexy!) Zachary Zatara, he was chained to a pillar by Mirabai the Forlorn, magical ally of Sam Lane and general scary (and sexy!) witch. The Captain Atom backup story in Action Comics this week has him show up again.

Now, there was a mention earlier in the same issue about how time is flowing differently in Mirabai's world. Nathaniel had been back on Earth for a few days, while eight months passed in Mirabai's world, and Zach was captured a while before that as well. So, I ask it to you, s_d'ers...

Zachary Zatara - The teenager that time forgot, or just a victim of different art style and stubble?

One panel below the cut! )

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