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In 1918 Oscar Wilde's nephew-in-law Arthur Cravan -- poet, pugilist and provocateur -- set sail for Buenos Aires. That was the last anyone saw of him, and it's assumed he drowned at sea. But those of us reading THE TRAVELER know his true fate...

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The third issue of Stan Lee's THE TRAVELER brings us more questions, as well as some answers.

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In THE TRAVELER 1, our hero, the mysterious Traveler, pulled some weird stuff. On separate occasions, he saved the lives of a woman named Danielle and a bus driver -- not that weird -- but also made a point of breaking Danielle's new glasses and demanded the bus driver never be late as his job again. Quite weird.

In issue 2, the mystery deepens...

The phrase 'Rube Goldberg machine' comes to mind )
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Boom!'s The Traveler's currently pitting our titular hero against the Split-Second Men, three in red whose control over time is supplemented by powers unique to that person.

(And, if a passing mention in Soldier Zero #2's any indication, they might be foes in the scope of Just Imagine's Darrk, whose name you cannot say without sounding like something's in your throat. It's up in the air how Starborn'll go with that; certainly wouldn't be too hard to tie him in with Soldier Zero.)

Last issue introduced two of them, tying both their and our hero's powers to a kind of unified field theory (just guess what the electromagnetic guy does.)

(Oh, Traveler #2 undercut, btw.)

It left a question hanging that interviews did too; what's the third Split-Seconder got? )

Da man.

Dec. 19th, 2010 10:39 am
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A Stan Lee cameo in a Stan Lee comic? HOW SHOCKING.
Seriously, though, I loooove these little Easter eggs.

One scan from the preview of Stan Lee's The Traveler #2 on CBR.

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The first issue of The Traveler, the second of the three superhero books Stan Lee is doing with Boom! Studios, is now out. On this one, Lee's backed up by Mark Waid and Chad Hardin on writing and art respectively.

The promos described the concept of this book as the adventures of a time traveler who's perfectly willing to alter history. None of the non-interference stuff you usually see in time travel stories. One issue in and it looks like of the three books, this one diverges the most from the prototypical Stan Lee model for superhero stories. So far, the main character is still very much an enigma, which is not something I recall Lee ever doing. He always showed you all the cards right up front when it came to the protagonists, but here the question of just who the Traveler is looks to be a central mystery to the series.

Who was that masked man? )


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