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My ten year old self enjoyed the Wild C.A.T.s cartoon, it wasn't as good as X-men, but it was a fun time waster with an interesting scifi premise: Two alien races have been engaged in a shadow war for millennia, one defending mankind the other trying to dominate it. The villainous aliens have the ability to posses human hosts, the other team must recruit their allies from a pool of human/alien hybrids who have inherited special gifts.

The equivalent to X-men's Jubilee, the naive teen who serves as an audience surrogate was called Voodoo and she had the power to see, and exorcise the evil Daemonites.

What I didn't know when I was 10 was that in the comic books she was a stripper. The way this aspect of the character is handled in the original Image comics is worlds apart from how her DC Universe counterpart was treated.

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One of the best things about Alan Moore's WildCATs run was the character TAO, a superhumanly intelligent character who you could genuinely believe was supermanly intelligent.

Genius types are nothing new in superhero stories. You have your Mr. Fantastics, Brainiac 5s, Lex Luthors, and whatnot going back decades, but writers never give any indication of their brilliance other than having them pull out pieces of deus ex machinery as the plot demands. How lazy. So leave it to Moore to, in a few pages, do a better job of portraying superhuman intelligence than those other writers managed in all those decades.

In this scene, from issue 33, TAO is cornered by an enemy who could crush him like a bug. What does he do? He literally talks his opponent into a psychotic breakdown.

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