Dec. 25th, 2010

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In response to the page that [personal profile] sherkahn posted from Incredible Hulks #619, a page and a few panels from World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound #4 (of 5)

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The American robin is a different species from the European robin, and whilst it's American cousin is associated with Spring, ours is definitely a Winter bird, so it appears on a lot of Christmas cards.

With that in mind and to give you something cute for Christmas Day, I found this over on Deviantart by an artist known by the cheery name of brokendeathangel

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X-mas isn't the only holiday this time of year, so I thought I'd share some comicage of my personal holiday of choice, the secular winter holiday Agnostica!

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Westerns! Typically set in the American old west, in the mid to late 19th century. Westerns aren't so much about the frontier itself (usually), as the ending of it, conflict between settlers and native peoples, new technologies, and all the horrible things done in the midst of it. Westerns can be funny or tragic, reassuring or unsettling--the genre is flexible enough that new Westerns movies, books and comics come out every year. Although not many.

Western comics went out of style along with romance comics (and pirates!), with the rise of superhero stories. By the sixties, Western comics were... hard to find. To say the least. In the last few years, a number of strong Western or Western-themed series have come out. Jonah Hex, Preacher, Streets of Glory, Loveless, (the disastrous) Rawhide Kid, Apache Skies (Apache kid's story), and on and on. And that's not counting the non-American stuff and updates like No Country For Old Men (you guys have seen it, right? RIGHT?). Western comics, they're back baby, and I love them.

But why Westerns? I'm in endless love with revenge stories, with unlikely or wrecked protagonists, and revenge is something Westerns have an overflowing cup of. Survival stories so muddy you're not sure you want the protagonist to survive. Beaten down, travel stained heroes, with pasts that are anything but heroic. You get the idea.

Today I'm going to share 12 pages from issues 1 and 2 the new(ish) Lone Ranger, an update and adaptation of the 49-57 tv series. high ho silver, away! )

Also, Merry Xmas for those celebrating, happy day off for those so blessed, and glory glory Western day for the rest of us.
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The comic's backmatter gives the genesis of this cover:

"Here's a little extra treat for all of you Nemphomaniacs. Just to prove his renaissance man-ishness, Mark decided to put the keyboard away and pick up a pencil and draw the variant cover for this issue."

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In THE TRAVELER 1, our hero, the mysterious Traveler, pulled some weird stuff. On separate occasions, he saved the lives of a woman named Danielle and a bus driver -- not that weird -- but also made a point of breaking Danielle's new glasses and demanded the bus driver never be late as his job again. Quite weird.

In issue 2, the mystery deepens...

The phrase 'Rube Goldberg machine' comes to mind )


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