Jun. 16th, 2015

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"I'm beyond grateful for all the love this title gets every month, and I hope the thought of everything you know and love dying hideously in a fiery cosmic collision of universes doesn't turn you off too much, true believers!" -- Al Ewing

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"I never got to tell the last Ambush Bug story. You know? My Justice League — I'm done with them. I'm playing around with variations on them in Justice League 3001, but Justice League International isn't coming back. It's done. I had my say, and there are no other stories I want to tell. But with Ambush Bug, there's a last story that wasn't told. The character had one more story left..." - Keith Giffen

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Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Javier Fernandez

Tomorrow comes Lobdell's newest DC comic, Doomed! As such, let's take a look at its sneak peek!

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"I think there's something spooky about setting off into the unknown in any situation. I think there's a weirdness to this whole expedition that creates conflict from the outset. On the one hand, there's this incredible story of what these guys actually went through and survived. It's bold and heroic and inspiring. There's a grandeur to it - it really is amazing. But there's the other side to this that can't be ignored. The whole concept of Manifest Destiny and what America did to accomplish it. It's is absolutely horrifying. So I think that weird mix of high adventure and disgust kind of puts you off kilter to start with. Then people get big fat axes in the face." - Matthew Roberts

Writer: Chris Dingess
Artist: Matthew Roberts
Colorist: Owen Gieni

8 of 24 pages

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I have posted this before, but it is great for Father's Day. ACTION COMICS #797 is a "cool down" issue after "Ending Battle." Superman is explaining some things to Claire Foster, a therapist recommended to him by J'Onn J'Onzz. He's changing the names, of course.

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