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"I never got to tell the last Ambush Bug story. You know? My Justice League — I'm done with them. I'm playing around with variations on them in Justice League 3001, but Justice League International isn't coming back. It's done. I had my say, and there are no other stories I want to tell. But with Ambush Bug, there's a last story that wasn't told. The character had one more story left..." - Keith Giffen

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"Lately, I've had a lot more fun writing female characters than male. I'm doing a female character comic coming up — I unfortunately have to be secretive about that one for now — and it was honestly more fun than I've had in years." - Keith Giffen, talking about what he eventually revealed was this story

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Annihilators #2 came out today. The universe big gun heroes fight the Black Sun and the villains of the title.


The REAL comic continues at the 2nd half of the book, as Rocket Raccoon goes in to rescue his buddy! Get ready to make some icons!

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Annihilators Assemble!

Cosmic Book News has the preview.

While this issue is priced at $4.99, it is double sized and comes with "Rocket and Groot" #1.

After the cut is a preview page from "Annihilators," followed by "Rocket and Groot." I miss the Guardians!

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