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If there is one undeniable fact of life in the DC Universe, it is this: The Guadians of the Universe are a bunch of assholes. Not to mention arrogant, self-imporant, and, as shown in recent issues, psychotically insane. Of course, I don't need to tell you any of this; but in this weeks Green Lantern Annual #1, they've really stooped to a new low.

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So as some might know their was some big news concerning Sinestro so I thought this'd be an interesting time to post an origin story of his written in 1999 (funnily enough at a time he was dead) in Secret Origins of the Supervillains.

Oddly enough I only really got it for the Encantadora tale but eh.

3 and 1/3 pages of a 10 page story.

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Following Emerald Twilight, Hal Jordan became a recurring DC villain, gradually diminishing in the magnitute of threat, until he redeemed himself in the end by dying to reignite the Sun in The Final Night. Fans are still divided as to whether it was a fitting send-off for his character. Here are the scans:

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Earlier I posted scans from Hal Jordan's old Green Lantern run, showing his eventual attempts at recovering from the aimless drifter his character had become over the 70s and 80s before Emerald Twilight put an end to it. Continuing from there...

1 scan from GL v.3 #26, 5 from #32, 6 from #33, 6 from #34 & 6 from #35 )
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As usual the Source has Brightest Day related solicitations.

There's also some Green Lantern related news, including a third GL title.

Two covers under the cut )

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Two more pages from GL #48 (so unless I've missed something that'll be 7 of  the 7 and 1/3 allowable pages)

Here's some more Atrocitus! )Here's a silly question, anyone up for posting stuff today or tomorrow in regards to Thanksgiving, particularly bird related characters? IE Angel, the Shi'ar, or even other bird named characters IE Raven, Robin, Flamebird as a kind of bird day event?
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Well, my first post at InsaneJournal's Scans_Daily was Kyle Rayner's first transformation in Ion, so, I decided to share the end of The Power of Ion arc, since it's one of my favorite comic book scenes ever.

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