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"We open the story with the reality that Sinestro has gotten everything he’s ever wanted. He’s parked Warworld in Sector 0, the former location of Oa. He’s now the official police force for a universe that’s his to rule and to put into order.

This is what he’s always wanted. The Green Lantern Corps is gone and the Sinestro Corps is filling the void.

Now, of course, Hal reclaiming the mantle and the Corps returning to the universe is really going to upset that apple cart. We’ll see how Sinestro deals with something he’s never had to deal with before: having everything he’s ever wanted, and dealing with the potential that he might lose it."
- Robert Venditti

Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Rafa Sandoval

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"It was an opportunity to pay homage to the Guy Gardner: Warrior era, but take it in a totally different direction. So that was a lot of fun. Also, he really hates Hal Jordan, and we wanted an outfit that was visually representative of the fact that Hal Jordan is going to get an ass-whomping." - David Gallaher

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The dark-red spawn of vengeance, the feline furball of fury, the cat that was spat out as a hairball by Basement Cat himself, Ruffles the Rage Cat returns. And oh, yeah, the rest of the rainbow Corps and the Anti-Monitor. IGN has the preview of Green Lantern Corps #46. Rage cat!

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IGN has a preview of Green Lantern Corps 46.

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suggested tags: title: Green Lantern Corps, creator: Peter Tomasi, creator: Patrick Gleason , event: Blackest Night, char: green lantern/warrior/Guy Gardner, char: green lantern/John Stewart


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