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Well, I'll say one thing for the Identity Crisis posts, it's making me want to post more NON Identity Crisis stuff.

"I'll bet the first comic I lay hands on in the cathedral-like vault which is my comic collection (ahem!) is more fun that that!" and by a weird coincidence (and it really was) the first comic I laid my hands on was actually one of the very very first American comics I ever bought with my own pocket money.

So from the dim and distant past of 1979... I bring you a story involving Ben Grimm taking a shower, a hero wearing a protagonist over his crotch, gratuitious authorial inserts and a shapeshifting alien with a low boredom threshold and a very short attention span.


Yup! It's the Thing and the Impossible Man in....

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Jack "King" Kirby would have been 96 on August 28th and all over the internet comic creators are celebrating a man who was one of the architects of comics as we know them in the West.

It would behoove scans_daily to do the same, I think (a little late in my tine zone, but still valid in the US)

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I tracked this down after seeing a page from it on a Black Widow fan's Tumblr, and it did not disappoint. It's packed fat with early Chris Claremont dialogue, but it's a cool done-in-one story just the same.

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Hey guys. Its my first post here, and I'm glad to join this site. This site really helped me find a lot of awesome books to collect and read as well as being, alongside Linkara's videos and my growing dislike towards the fairly misogynistic actions of Joe Quesada and Dan DiDio, one of the major causes of my growth into a full fledged feminist (though I still think there should be a universal term to describe being against all forms of discrimination and for all around equal rights). Had it not been for this site, I wouldn't of gotten Hawkeye's first issue or bought Stephanie Brown's Batgirl trades, the former now being the only thing on my pull list thanks to this AvX nonsense (though the Marvel Now books are going to be added, and I'm thinking of adding Agent Venom to that) while the latter being what got me into collecting Bat Books, and books from the larger DCU. Still to get anything from the DCnU though, but I've preordered Court of Owls TPB and depending on if I like it 'll see about collecting Batman and Nightwing. Kinda wish Tim had his own series right now though because I can't find any of his trades anywhere.

Anyhow, unrelated to that, Spider-Man's 50th anniversary has came and gone, and unfortunately I was still waiting to join before then, but I wanted to post some scans. Someone else already did this, but mostly focused on Alpha. As I developed mixed feelings for him (his annoying, irritating, and unneeded, but he got some amusing moments), I'm going to focus on the rest of the book. So, here's a handful of scans from Amazing Spider-Man #692. There's 58 pages in the comic including the backup stories, but since they're not connected I'll only post four pages.

So, after being introduced to Andrew Maguire where he's shown as being just like Peter when he was a kid (minus the science nerd thing and caring parental figures), we cut to Peter's science demonstration where, apparently, he thought it would be a wonderful idea to harness cosmic energy, Dock Ock in Spider-Man 2 style. Only for things to fail. Badly.
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