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Captain America, fresh out of the iceberg, is still having a difficult time adjusting to the modern world when he meets the one and only Rick Jones, Esq.

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My last post for the theme had a Songbird panel from Avengers Forever. Which made me remember all the other nice ass shots in Avengers Forever. Of course, none are really gratuitous, but being Pacheco work, they're still very nice, even if the coloring drives me up the damn wall.

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Greetings True Believers! Once again we must look to the world of Marvel Adventures for the truth. In these scans from Marvel Adventures #12 Cap and Rick Jones battle Hydra on their website Cap has returned from the ice and he's in the media 24/7 and Steve asks Rick to explain all this "teleovideo" nonsense. Rick introduces Cap to the internet and he asks if it can tell him anything about Hydra. They log on to Hydra's site but oh no! Hydra command hacks their webcam and hits them with a matter translation beam and now Cap and Jones must battle their way through a "Web of Deceit" Enjoy!

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