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Likely of some interest to this community, Bill Watterson has given his first interview in almost two decades. Unsurprisingly, it's pretty short, but still worth a read. I wish they'd asked him to expound on his views of other forms of sequential art, though -- I still can't comprehend the man's distaste for comic books.

Somewhat more on-topic...

Title: Krazy Kat
Creator: George Herriman
Availability: Small archive of public domain strips and many, many collections.

The core of the cast consists of the titular Krazy, a cat of indeterminate gender (genderless according to Herriman), Ignatz Mouse, and Officer Pup. The general plot of most of the Sunday strips goes like this: the whimsical Krazy daydreams of/seeks the affections of Ignatz. Ignatz presents his disgust with the idea of being object of affection to said cat by lobbing a brick or other handy bit of scenery at his head, which Krazy takes as a sign of Ignatz's adoration. Officer Pup, who is in love with Krazy, attempts (and mostly succeeds) at bringing him to justice, which Krazy interprets as the two of them being engaged in a game of tag. You'd think it would get old fast but, really, it's quite a lot of fun to watch play out.

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And each sees something different. Or do they? The silly profundity of KRAZY KAT, or maybe the profound silliness. This example is from February 23, 1941. As a kid reading books about the history of comics, I was baffled by the occasional samples of this darn Kat. It looked so crude and simple, it was just "off" in some way. What was supposed to be so great about it? But one day, a bit of perception clicked into place and I suddenly appreciated Harriman's genius.


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