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"The second that you see a book like Hollywood Babylon when you’re a little kid — and I got a copy of that book when I was like 11 years old from a used bookstore — all of that stuff, and having that weird Hollywood connection of my uncle, I was always fascinated by that. You read celebrity bios and you see all these child actors and the crap that they went through, all the drugs and sex. I was attracted to that, and it’s part of the whole thing: What will you do for your dreams? It’s what we sacrifice for this mystical thing, fame and fortune, that you think is going to change your life somehow and change who you are."

- Ed Brubaker

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In light of the recent posts from[personal profile] history79 I figured I'd share the first 'Marvel Zombies' miniseries which branched off from 'Ultimate Fantastic Four'.

'Marvel Zombies' was a pretty fun idea at first. I think Marvel deserves some kudos for letting their characters be used in such a horrific fashion and Kirkman really went wild with the concept in ways that Millar did not. Plus they got to 'own' the term when prior Marvel Zombies was a pejorative term for Marvel fans.

Of course, Marvel is as Marvel does and they ran the franchise into the ground. They've released five versions of the same hardcover with different covers for collectors. There have been over 50 issues at this point that feature the zombies in one form or another. I think at one point there was a "Marvel Apes vs Marvel Zombies" miniseries to get an idea of how far it's gone.

Disclaimer: The following story is very gory and features tons of zombie-related violence. But you didn't need me to tell you that, did you?

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Lately I've seen people complain that the situation in Gotham City is so terrible that they've started asking "What good is Batman if it never gets any better?". Since has been shown to not be the case, I thought that I'd do a brief series of posts about the positive changes the various versions of Batman have made to their city over the years.

First up, Batman meets his inspiration!
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I sometimes like Warren EllisMark Millar, but sometimes his reach exceeds his grasp, IMHO. At the same time as he was doing some very interesting stuff else with StormwatchAztek, he was freelancing for Marvel and doing....other things.

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Four scans from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #2, continuing our merry romp through Archie Comics as written by James M. Cain.

Contains cussin', nudity, and intimations of violence.


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Did you ever wonder what Archie Comics would be like if Ed Brubaker wrote them?  No, neither did I.

Four scans from Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #1, the latest installment of Brubaker's excellent crime series.

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The United Planets of the 853rd century are not the United Planets of the 30th/31st century. In the year 85,271, the U.P. is a mobile planetary cluster, a system of seven worlds slowly migrating its way across the universe. This system is protected by the Justice Legion L.

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Greetings True Believers! This is my last post for OPM week and it's one of my favorites, for two reasons.

1. This issue of "Spider-Man's Tangled Web" features one of the best parts of any comic-verse. The villain bar. I love scenes of villains just hanging out, grousing about heroes, comparing notes and relaxing. Which is why I included a few scans of just that.

2. This story is an example of the fact that Norman Osborn doesn't need a costume, glider or control of an international martial agency to be one of the scariest motherfuckers on the planet.


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Over on The A.V. Club, they just did a run-down of the best comics of the decade. Along with the additional suggestions made in the comments thread, it's a pretty marvelous list (the A.V. Club's comics coverage skews slightly away from the established superhero comics, compared to this community). It's certainly given me a bunch of things I want to check out.

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What are your favorite comics from the 21st century's first decade?
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In the last chapter of our merry tale of What The Hell, we were treated to a boatload of genetic and esoterical confusion, courtesy of the Hawkfamily, a demon, a wizard, and Dove. In this chapter, we get more build up, a lot of supposed therapy... oh, and plotholes. Big ones. But after the first two chapters, you should have seen that last one coming. Twenty three pages from six issues. I tried this time to limit the ranting. Sort of.

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This was brought up numerous times in the previous Amazing Spider-Man thread, so I decided to post it once and for all. In my opinion, it's one of the better Chameleon stories out there. Not surprisingly, Marvel has all but forgotten it.

On a related note, this was the first Spidey story written by Paul Jenkins. He would later become the writer for Peter Parker Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man.

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So, without you guys at s_d I never would have heard of Blue Beetle, or Booster Gold, or Mr Miracle, or Big Barda. I never would have been at my first ever comics' fair, looking through boxes. I wouldn't have looked at the section labelled Mr Miracle and I would have missed


50p each! I was very restrained and only bought 8 issues.

See some of the awesome moments from issue 7 :) Many pictures )


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