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With the recent debut of a new Metallo over in Supergirl's show, I thought that the time had come to have a look at one of Superman's longer running... B-list (I guess?) bad guys. Strictly speaking, the original Metallo was a couple of dudes in power-armour, but I'm focusing on the Silver Age version here.

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Like all characters that exist for any extended length of time, Catwoman has undergone a number of changes over the years. I thought that it would be interesting to look at what Selina Kyle was like back in the day, in order to see what's changed about her and what's stayed the same.

Let's Begin.

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Having been recently reunited (following an Incident), I can safely say that these two from David Willis' Shortpacked series are my favourite gay couple.
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In Today's segment, we take a look at the time Superman used timetravel to screw over a Native American who had a legitimate claim to the land Metropolis is built on...

Triggerwarning for old timey racism.
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While the advent of the Comics Code neutered the crime comics sub-genre, it didn't completely kill it. Here's a bit from Gang Busters #60, published in 1957.

In contrast to "Crime Does Not Pay" (see my post a couple of months ago), the stories are entirely fictional, concentrate on crimes other than murder, and focus on the law enforcement officers outwitting clever criminals, rather than on successful criminals who make a fatal mistake.

Two pages of a six-page story, plus a public service announcement.

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Happy Easter to those that celebrate, and a pleasant weekend to everyone else!

Your thoughts and comments?

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The two beatniks force themselves into...the park.

From Kookie #1 (1962) written by John Stanley, drawn by Bill Williams. 

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