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You know, I was thinking after my last post on this topic that I had sort of cheated.

Now don't get me wrong, Cypher's powers would be fascinating, and useful, and generally awesome in a quiet sort of a way, but it, like all the powers I was thinking of, were those that would be USEFUL to me in my life - Teleportation would save on travel costs, Telekinesis would just be so functionally useful I don't even know where to start... Another power I had pondered was the ability to split into multiple selves like Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel/Triad/Duplicate Damsel (Good lord, she has more names than selves!). which would also have many uses.. though if I had two jobs I might run into tax issues... but that's overthinking things a bit.

No, I realised that I also had a power I wanted to have for FUN.... flight would be at the top of that list if I didn't have it included in the power I was thinking of... What power is that, well here's a clue (if you have't already read the tags)

It's not easy being green, but it CAN be fun )
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Was cleaning up a closet last weekend and came upon my cache of original Teen Titans floppies. Here's a little treat from 1972, "Through These Doors Pass the Bravest Titans of Them All," or as I like to think of it, "That time Donna shaved her head and crossdressed for justice!" I've got six pages of an 18-page story, and therefore am cutting the Mal sequence down to a mere preview image.

 photo p2_OTT-38_preview.jpg

That's Mal having a flashback to a childhood beat-down, to explain his heretofore unheard-of fear of wide open spaces, which he must overcome in order to repair a lunar landing guidance module.

Say what, now? )

So there you go - not bad for an ish where nobody even makes it into costume!
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It feels weird posting with 24 hours of my last post, but it is just so quite today. Have a kick ass lady who gets tied up as much as Wonder Woman.

This is introduction of Señorita Rio, bewitching American secret agent, disguised as a Brazilian entertainer. Art by Nick Cardy, story by an unknown author.
Hard to read, but worth the look. ) Edit 02/28 - I thought since there weren't many comments on here, it wasn't getting many views. Guess I was wrong! I put the images on tinypic in case this doesn't come back soon, Lets see how long it takes before these images are replaced with cute teenaged girls in the bathroom.  

Page 01//  02 // 03  // 04//  05 // 06 // 07 // 08
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As promised, this is the second mega-posting to celebrate the end of "Dude(s) in Distress Week", dealing with published images... (This is sort of a "Greatest Hits", as much of it has been posted before)

The history of the "Dude in Distress" in graphical literature is a long and noble one... there are probably medieval woodcuts showing that sort of thing, but as that slightly predates most of the usual area of scans_daily, we'll skip to something vaguely more recent... well, relatively speaking.

LOTS of scans under the cut, but I've used smallish thumbnails so as not to kill your broadband completely! Just stun it slightly...

Over a century of Dudes in Distress )
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Today I had my very first commission in the mail, a wonderful artwork done by Mitch Ballard.
I didn't have to think long about the characters: Dick Grayson was clearly the first choice, and since you don't see the two of them together that often anymore, I decided on Wally West as the second character.

Special thanks to [personal profile] icon_uk for introducing me to this genre, which promises to be a great and very welcome new addiction. :)

Welcome to the jungle )

Tags: char: brother blood, char: flash/kid flash/wally west, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, creator: mitch ballard, creator: nick cardy, genre: commission, in-joke: bondage, publisher: dc comics, title: teen titans
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Instead of explaining why I'm posting scans of DC Showcase #59 (1965), I'll let the teaser pic speak for itself...

... yep. More music, a weird rock band, 'hip language' and some things that just don't work that way behind the cut.

Meet the coolest and grooviest group )
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Christmas came early at my house - my long-awaited commission piece from George Perez arrived in the mail today! And thanks to my lovely little scanner, I'm passing the ho-ho-ho's on to you, dear scans_daily!

Behold the Girl Wonder, Perez style! )
And just in case that's not enough for a valid post, I give you one scan of Donna Troy in the world's skimpiest Santa suit.

Merciful Minerva! )
Have a very merry whatever you celebrate, gang!
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Which just happened to be in my computer, I don't know why. But here you go. No particular comment except...


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