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"I found that actually Crossed was one of the most profoundly moral pieces that I'd read, that it almost became a kind of ethical thought experiment, that it was almost asking, 'Which of your values could you hold onto if something as terrible as this happened? What, of the things that are conventionally thought of as making you human, would remain in such a dreadful situation?' And it's a very haunting thought. And very hauntingly portrayed by not only Garth, but also by Si Spurrier's "Wish You Were Here" arc, which is sensational. It's a very compelling idea..." - Alan Moore

NSFW for overall Crossed-ness. Trigger warning for rape.

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I realize I am probably opening up a huge can of worms by posting this. I am not trying to romanticize or underplay the Comedian's early actions here in any way, shape or form. They are horrible and reprehensible. That being said I did find the relationship between him and Sally Jupiter to be an interesting one, in part because so much of it happens offscreen and is never explained beyond some vague hints.

I imagine that most of you are already familiar with Watchmen so I won't go into too much context as for the rest of the story outside of this.

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