Sep. 21st, 2018

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Alan Moore: "What I've tried to do with Supreme is to not recapitulate what was done in the '50s or '60s. What I've tried to do is make Supreme a character that works across the ages. Also, I'm trying to make Supreme a character that's very much for the '90s. I'm trying to include all of the previous moments of the history of comics within the character. By the time we get to the 12th issue of the run [Supreme #52], which will hopefully be an 80-page giant, you'll be able to see the groundwork I've done over the previous 11 issues in a much clearer perspective. It will set up this rich background that the character will be able to draw upon in the future."

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...and while I don't have any SK comics to post I do have a fun piece imagining what would happen if Daredevil encountered one of King's most beloved creations.

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So a few days ago we got our official look at Joaquin Phoenix as 'Arthur Fleck' which received a lukewarm response given that it was him looking normal. Today they released a look what appears to be him in full Joker makeup (or the early stages at least).

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They'd come as he was meeting members of Prava.

They found the apartment empty - Piotr and the two who'd come to him were running over the roof above.

They went up to them, and were killed by Piotr.

In the aftermath, Piotr was taken to Prava.

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