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"Carla and I find books full of straight white people very dull indeed (in fact there is nothing more tedious in my mind than a comic book that is just white dudes doing stuff). So our cast of kids and the characters they meet tend to reflect our group of friends and people we admire… Also, frankly, the comic-buying audience — in fact the entertainment audience in general — is a lot more diverse than most publishers and producers give credit for, and you know what? We want everybody’s dollar."

- Alex de Campi

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Welp, its 30 Days of Meme. I recently borrowed a pile o' Finder trades from my sister and decided to share the love. If pressed I'd have to say Finder is one of my favorite comics to read and the (sorta) main character of Jaeger is a rather large factor as to why.

Now I decided to spare my sis' trades the spine breaking treatment of my scanner so instead heres a rather nice scene of him and another character from the creator's website. And some vague background explanation.

You're Unreliable, Socially Unacceptable, You'll Mack on All My Friends and My Mother )

I just slaughtered one of my favorite comics, trust me the series is better than I'm making it sound.


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