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Because [personal profile] feyandstrange was the only one who voted for it, consider this post a fulfillment of request.

Spy and Counterspy was published by American Comics Group - publisher you may remember as home to Herbie the Fat Fury and Cowboy Sahib. The title was billed as a combination of intrigue and action (for boys) and romance (for girls), which was a fairly interesting concept. After 2 issues, it was renamed Spy-Hunters. together, the title lasted 24 issues, between 1949 and 1953.

Sky and Counterspy 01 - Jonathan Kent - Header

Now, some historical background. The first issue of Spy and Counterspy was published in August 1949. The tensions between United States and Soviet Union have been simmering since the end of World War II. In the aftermath of the war, nobody was too keen to fight again, but the risk was always there. Only a few months before the issue was published, the Cold War almost turned hot when Stalin tried to prevent Western powers from delivering supplies to Berlin. And it would only be a few more months before the Soviet-backed Democratic People's Republic of Korea would invade American-backed Republic of Korea, triggering the Korean War. You can't really blame Americans for being paranoid, and boy did the writing in the comic reflect that.

I wasn't old enough to really remember Soviet Union, but I was still old enough to be exposed to its propaganda. I am used to reading stories about brave Soviet agents stopping insidious American spies who sought to sabotage the Soviet Union, steal its defense secrets and pave the way for the invasion. Like Americans, my people lived under constant threat that an evil foreign superpower and its allies would try to conquer us. Reading Spy and Counterspy, I couldn't help but try to imagine what the stories would have looked like if they were written from the Soviet perspective. And, I confess, reading comics with American spies as protagonists was a bit...disconcerting. I imagine American readers would experience similar dissonance if they read translations for Soviet stories I grew up

The first issue of Spy and Counterspy had many interesting stories, but ultimately, I decided to share this one for a simple reason - the name of the protagonist. Because a name like that is just asking for jokes and wild theories. Unfortunately, the credits were lost in time, so I have no idea who wrote or drew that.

With this in mind, on with the story:
The cowardly, craven agent of the Capitalists kills brave defenders of the people, spreads subversive propaganda and schemes to destroy our ability to protect ourselves(15 pages under the cut) )

Tune in next time to see some letters' pages from various Novelty Press comics.
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For Western Day, I thought I'd give you a bit of classic crack from America's Comics Group (ACG). The people behind Herbie Popnecker naturally wouldn't do just any old Western. Oh no! What you end up with a peculiar mashup of Western, War, and Jungle comics featuring the most awesome cowboy hero to ever exist. Here's his first appearance from the public domain comic Hooded Horseman. Scans from Golden Age Comics

11 Pages from Hooded Horseman #26 )
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Hello! First-time poster, some-time-previous lurker. I realized this community had a distinct lack of Herbie Popnecker, the most powerful being in the universe and favorite super-hero of Alan Moore. Allow me to rectify the situation.

Herbie is ... well, in the broadest sense a comedy/horror/superhero/supernatural/sci-fi book and in a more specific sense of one the weirdest things I've ever read. It was written/drawn in the late 1950s/early 1960s and so it has some occasional racism (none of which is in the following scans) and we can debate how fat-positive/fat-negative the character is, but aside from that it's just crazy fun about a chubby young kid, deemed a "fat little nothing" by his father, who gets his power from his magical lollipops.

Today I've posted an early story, "Herbie and the Spirits" from Forbidden Worlds #94 (four out of twelve pages posted, mods!). Not all of the Herbie character has been nailed down yet. (He talks more like Rorschach from Watchmen in the later stories.) But it's a good introduction to the character.

It's not so much a plot as it's a stream of consciousness ... something. )


Mar. 4th, 2009 05:53 pm
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It's taken me for freakin' ever to figure out how to post. Apparently I friended instead of joining or something. Bah!

Anyway a new romance comic for you.


Lovelorn #39 1953 )

Also: a couple of questions. Is anyone interested in me reposting some of the comics I did for Scans_Daily 1.0? And Mods just to be extra safe, do the pages I posted in Scans_Daily 1.0 count towards the page count in Scans_Daily 2.0?


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