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Way back in Amazing Spider-Man #601, Peter Parker got blackout drunk at the wedding of his Aunt May, supposedly because he needed that much alcohol simply to summon the courage to talk to Mary Jane Watson again, in spite of her being one of his oldest and closest friends, and he woke up in bed the next morning with his roommate, Michelle Gonzales, with no memory of what had happened, or whether they'd slept together, although the fact that both of them were all but naked hinted pretty heavily at the probability that they had.

At the time, I offered my thoughts on this plot development, and its attendant characterizations, in the calm and restrained manner for which I am known throughout the Internets.

And at the time, I heard from a number of supporters of the NuSpidey status quo, who urged me to stop complaining, on the grounds that my whining was accomplishing nothing, and that it certainly wouldn't have any sort of impact on the stories that the NuSpidey "brain trust" would choose to tell.

Which brings us to Amazing Spider-Man #612, in which Peter and Michelle revisit the events of that evening in Amazing Spider-Man #601 ...

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just saw this and wonder if its serious as to Flash's "rebirth" ??????????
Its from Legion #15 one of those "Not saying whats real NOT sayin whats not" stories.
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