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In my previous post, [personal profile] sindra pointed out that the victim's retribution on the protagonist was disproportionate, in that he claimed he merely wanted to teach him a lesson, via a "Hollywood Voodoo" (i.e., not real-life Voudon) spell, but in fact ended up killing him via reverse ageing. Instead, sindra argued, the protagonist should've been punished in a way that would spare his life and allow him to mend his ways.

My initial response was "Then it wouldn't be a horror story!" But then I remembered "A Spell of Misery!" from the obscure Charlton comic, Creepy Things (#2, Oct 1975), in which a villainous protagonist also finds himself on the receiving end of a "Hollywood Voodoo" spell, but gets a second chance to make amends. (Script: Joe Gill, art: Rich Larson.) The story even has a socially-relevant topic: the deplorable living conditions in inner-city slums. Unfortunately, like many a well-meaning "social relevance" story from the Bronze Age of comics, it contains flagrant racial stereotypes. Consider this a trigger warning.

Don't mess with Mama Carafino )
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Picked up a bunch of comics from the $1 bin today, and there's a scene from Outsiders 31 I want to post just as soon as I get my scanner de-bugged. But first, a single panel. Wanna know what would be an even worse addition to Donna's starfield bodysuit than changing the halter to a skinny, down-to-there tank top?

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So, um. Here's a thing.

As near as I can figure, this is from what started out as a magazine called Rampaging Hulk, later shortened to The Hulk!, that Marvel published in the late Seventies. This particular selection is from a story called "A Very Personal Hell," from issue #23, published in 1980, and was written by Jim Shooter and drawn by John Buscema and Alfredo Alcala.

In it, Bruce is on the run following a botched attempt to steal some information that might give him a clue how to reverse his transformations into the Hulk. He checks into a YMCA to spend the night, and, uh...

Perhaps a word of explanation here. This was right around the time of the smash success of the Incredible Hulk TV series, the whole reason for the Rampaging Hulk magazine's existence in the first place, as Marvel tried to use the series' popularity to capture an upscale market. In that vein, then-editor Shooter apparently decided the magazine would be a good showcase for more "grim-n-gritty" storytelling; less Silver Surfer, more Starsky and Hutch. In that vein, he decided to make his first story for the magazine especially hard-hitting and realistic.

So. Bruce at the Y.

Warning for attempted rape and MASSIVE homophobia )
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'everything's more awesome with dinosaurs'... right?
'He...He wants to m-mate...with DINOSAURS?' 'Hmmm... I do believe... it just might work.' 'Hooooo.'

'He...He wants to m-mate...with DINOSAURS?' 'Hmmm... I do believe... it just might work.' 'Hooooo.'


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Gather 'round, chilluns, it's storytime.

I was originally intending to post some Christian-comic cheese, but having the memory of this brought up made me insistent on sharing the pain, especially since the original S_D went bust and took this with it. Thus, I bring you the story of how Carol Danvers gave birth to her own rapist, featuring pages and partial pages from Avengers #197-200*.

*Issue 200: Roughly 10 1/2 of 35 story pages.
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So I was browsing Dr.Doom's article at Wikipedia (that's what it's good for!) when I came across this;

From when Doom built a Power Cosmic Siphon Harness from scratch in Fantastic Four #408

Say, remember the time that Doom and Magneto shared a toast over some villain stuff, and then Magneto collapsed because Doom dropped a roofie into his drink?


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