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Following on from Part 1, I bring scans from Outsiders 34 and 35.

Be warned this post contains depictions of scenes from the Holocaust and as such may be triggering.

Markovia has been conquered by invading Russian forces led by the evil (and I mean REALLY evil) Baron Bedlam. The Outsiders (now 100% Batman free) are down, taken out by Bedlam's mercenary metahuman strike force, The Masters of Disaster, and a Soviet handler, the international political mover and shaker known only as the Bad Samaritan, has just discovered that Bedlam has a REALLY warped secret agenda...

This has not been the Outsiders best day...

The rematch lies within )
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So it's come to my attention that many folks haven't ever heard of Freight Train who is acting as the muscle for the current Outsiders team bringing in some new blood to the team.

He debuted in issue 30 of the series but his origin story wasn't explained until issue 35 where we discovered how he received his powers.

When he first showed up he was explicitly stated as working for Simon Stagg. Simon Stagg is the father of Sapphire Stagg, Rex Mason/Metamorpho's ex-wife. Java, one of Simon Stagg's workers was also in love with Sapphire and hated Rex for taking "his" girl from him. Sapphire of course loved Rex and so on and since then Sapphire has somehow died very recently. (If anybody knows how that'd be nice to know)

Some issues ago Java even tried killing Metamorpho knocking him out while holding the Orb of Ra (the orb that gave Rex his powers but also hurts Rex if he's near it) and dumping him into Chemo.

Now in the present Metamorpho's been saved by his team mates Owlman and Freight Train and the three go to find Simon Stagg (or Java technically since he's always with Simon) but Freight Train apparently betrays them and lets Simon Stagg and group capture the two.

(Whoo boy, hope that made sense to you folks)

The big plan Simon has is to use Black Lightning as a power source and with research he based off of the Black Rings from Blackest Night to resurrect Sapphire.

Freight Train revealed! )
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This would have been up earlier, but my internet connection has been dodgy today.

Today we celebrate our favourite comic book villains, (and I blather on about my favourite). What makes a great villain? Depends on the story, I suppose. Different kinds of stories need different kinds of evil-doers. But the basics: clarity of purpose, a distinct voice, an equally great nemesis. All of these are more important than a cool name or costume. (Where would Dr. Doom be otherwise, amirite?) There are a ridiculous number of great and memorable villains in comics, and if you're having trouble figuring out yours, IGN has got a top 100 for you here.

I grew up watching X-Men and Batman TAS and my best-of list is heavily populated by villains I first encountered in those series: Poison Ivy, Magneto, Mr. Sinster, the Joker. But my most enduring villainous love, has got to be Lex Luthor. (So unusual, I know. XD)

I actually first met him through the Superman comics my neighbor collected. I bought the X-books, he bought the Superman and Bat-books, and we traded on Thursdays. I guess I saw something in those comics (awful though many of them were!), because after that I was all over the Superman cartoon and Lois & Clark, and savoring every Lex episode. By the time Justice League and Smallville came around, I was an accept-no-substitutes Lex Luthor stan.

So what's so great about Lex Luthor? Well, a couple of things imho. Read more... )

So who are your favourite villains?
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Picked up a bunch of comics from the $1 bin today, and there's a scene from Outsiders 31 I want to post just as soon as I get my scanner de-bugged. But first, a single panel. Wanna know what would be an even worse addition to Donna's starfield bodysuit than changing the halter to a skinny, down-to-there tank top?

Well, how about this? )
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Soooo it looks like we fumbled a little on Day 3, however, there is a *main* post here for Day 3 for those of you who don't have/want to post scans or just want to make a few comments about your favourite/least favourite *insert specific meme day here.*
So just to make it clearer for everyone, we'll add a "main" post to the Topic Headline so you know where to go, and/or you can look for my user name, [personal profile] shelleymaree or one of the mods. We'll try and post in the morning and/or after midnight Eastern Standard Time. But if you get in there before us, even more awesome! Glad to see some eager beavers.

Today is Character You would bring back from the dead day. Mine's under the cut. So S_D'ers, who's yours?

Poor Roy )
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You totally know that Dick makes a dig at Roy only because he wants to fight, whether it be freindly sparing or macho I'm-gonna-shove-your-head-into-the-ground-because-we-temporarily-hate-each-other-till-the-end-of-this-fight fighting. Either way I've got scans of both types.
Oh boys, grow up already )
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A moment between these two that doesn't involve either getting their junk punched.

I don't know about you, but I would say this is a clear anti-hero moment for Jason. (And then along came ... well, you know.)

From Outsiders 44 & 45. Eight scans.

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2 page's and one panel from this week's Outsiders #22. Spoilers follow.

Geo-Force = Win! )

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