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Greetings True Believers!

I had to post these pages from Hellboy: The Fury #2.

They're so epic/metal Manowar or Dethklok should write a song.


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So I really liked the Hellboy movies, the second one moreso than the first one. I think a lot if it has to do with Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth being one of my favorite movies of all time) but I am interested in the characters of Hellboy and friends. At the same time there seem to be numerous titles, miniseries, spin-offs, even novels, so it's a bit daunting. Where should I start and in what order? What stories are essential and which ones are not? I'll probably be reading them in trade from the library as opposed to scrounging for back issues.

For legality, a two-page story by Mignola that was apparently in the trade for Right Hand of Doom (found it on the internet).

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The Hellboy universe has been surprisingly consistent work, with scenarios and scenes that keep surprisingly good storytelling with great foes that are plucked from all sorts of mythologies and lore. The continuity has been strong and logical. And there aren't horrible ret-cons, the dead stay dead and the stakes keep going up. Hellboy himself looks like he's going to have some more major revelations about the nature of who he is.

And I feel that he should be in part of the S_D image.

Some background.... Hellboy has found himself on the run from the resurrected Queen of Blood and her gathering armies of witches and other supernaturals. Hellboy has found refuge with someone who knows Hellboy's mortal family.

Someone who has been waiting for him for a long time.


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