Jul. 23rd, 2010

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Growing up in the UK, I never read any of the DC or Marvel comics. I don't recall ever seeing them in newsagents. For me, comics meant the british humour comics from DC Thompson and Fleetway. The Beano, The Dandy, Whizzer and Chips, Buster.

And if there's one artist whose work i loved the most, even though he died 9 years before i was born, and as a child his name never registered, it was Dudley D Watkins. I loved his artwork in the old annuals and collections that my brothers and parents had bought.

He worked exclusively for DC Thompson, and was their top artist (he was the only artist to work for that company at the time who was allowed to sign his work). He worked for Thompson from 1925 until his death in 1969 (he died of a heart attack at his desk, halfway through drawing a strip).

a selection of his strips below )
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Its Friday so that means that I get to post at LUDICROUS SPEED before jetting off to ComicCon. CosmicBookNews continues reward my faith in the Odinson as Thor prepares to invade Hell one more time.

Though Hel bar the way. )
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Following up on my previous post, I bring you the continuing saga of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man.

A boy.
His girlfriend.
And his girlfriend's owl.

One preview page from Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 4 )
See the rest of the preview over at CosmicBookNews.
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This is my first post, so if i screw up - and i will - sorry in advance.clicky )
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I understand that some of you are in the market for fun and/or heroic scenes from mainstream Marvel books.

Bendis, of all people, appears to have you covered. Both his main Avengers books came out this week, and while last month's Avengers was sort of dry and talky, this month's was actually pretty good. New Avengers, by comparison, was almost all action, with the usual great art from Stuart Immonen.

three pages from Avengers #3, and three from New Avengers #2 )

Also, Girl Comics #3 came out this week, and I had to be sure to pick it up, because it reunites Louise Simonson and June Brigman on Power Pack, set during the days when X-Factor lived in Ship and Chris Summers was a little baby in a force bubble. Also: Carla Speed McNeil, Ann Nocenti, Molly Crabapple, Marjorie Liu and Sara Pichelli. Great little book.
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CBR has a preview for Ultimate Mystery #1 featuring the return of a character that I believe was last seen at the end of Ultimate Extinction . He's a physicist working in space travel in the Ultimate Universe
Inertia - the Warren Ellis way )

I missed out on Ultimate Enemy, but I'm interested in Ultimate Mystery. I wonder if it has to do with Ultimate Doom.
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I know it's a little early, but...

From Nightwing 78 by Devin Grayson.

Dick encounters a homophobic colleague and pwns.

Oh, Dick. <3 )
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Another comic by Ian Samson of City of Reality, this time focused on Impulse!

Well, a slightly different Impulse at least ^^ (And of course she'd be friends with Miss Martian! They just gotta both be alive at the same time for a change)

What would the world be like if Impulse.... was a girl? One large comic with GirlBart, Tim, Kon, and random cute guy behind cut )
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Yes, it's time for Super Con, a thinly-disguised version of the San Diego Comic Con, which this year the Super Friends are visiting in person...and so are the 5th-Dimensional imps!

Lots of cameos and in-jokes.

Four representative pages, not necessarily connected. )
Your thoughts and comments?

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