Nov. 28th, 2011

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The first issue was narrated by Andrew Bennett, the second by Mary, Queen of Blood; the hero and villain of the series, respectively. With the third issue, the point of view switches again, this time to John Troughton, vampire hunter and Andrew's best friend.

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I have been meaning to post this after I got it in the mail, but things kept getting in the way. But now that I tottalled my car and now I have to spend MORE time filling job applications before actually getting a 2nd part time job if not a full time job to cover the costs as well as a new car, I thought to take some initiative with the stuff I have been putting off while I can and enjoy it before I end up being overwhelmed in the rat races...

So I purpose this question: Whats more awesome than Superman vs. Zod and his followers?

3 pages and cover under the cut )
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We're back with more Philémon. In the fourth album, Philémon's father accidentally lands in the world of Alphabet Islands.

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