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As discussed on the BATMAN: GHOSTS post, Peter Parker was a friendless outcast in high school and became an angry misanthrope in college. It really wasn't until Steve Ditko left and John Romita Sr took over the SPIDER-MAN art that Peter mellowed out

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"You're trying to pin this on us?! Marville failed sales-wise because we couldn't accept your grand vision of world peace? We only wanted superheroes punching each other. Go to hell! Your comic didn't succeed because it started as a lame, unfunny parody of the comic book industry and then it was an inaccurate, moronic tale about God and the universe. It failed because it SUCKED!"- Linkara

Writer: Bill Jemas
Artist: Mark Bright
Inker: Paul Neary
Colorist: Transparency Digital

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SPIDER-GIRL #7 has MayDay Parker and her mother, Mary Jane, talking in the Parker attic. It was a 6 page backup story, but has the same writer and artist as the main story, Tom DeFalco and Pat Oliffe.

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J. Jonah Jameson is one of my favourite Spider-Man characters, or characters from comics in general. I have a soft spot for characters like JJJ or Flash Thompson who appear to be stereotypical jerks (or probably were created like that) but evolve into more complex and good-natured people, despite their rough attitude (This is probably another reason why I  like the Spectacular Spider-man show so much, as it did both of these characters so well).

Anyway, when I was reading about Civil War, and discover how Peter had revealed his identity, my first thought was "how is Jonah going to deal with this?!". I must admit, I'm slightly disappointed they didn't do more interaction with Peter and any of his supporting cast (although Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man did some, but that's for later), but we did get some exchanges which I'm going to try and show to you here.

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