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'Tangled Web' was a short-lived anthology series featuring Spider-Man. Or rather, people who were affected by him one way or another. This is one of the stronger ones in my opinion.

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So this was requested due to having a similar divergence point to the previous Spider-Man what if that I posted.

This was also something of a historic what if: It was the first to be part of the "alterniverse" imprint, it was supposed to be the start of the new, "darker" What-Ifs (though this story is rather lighthearted overall), and it was the last time of this volume that Uatu was the narrator (though he had been absent in previous issues).

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Okay, this'll take some explaining.

This was the first time What If did multiple stories, and they did so here in an unusual way: while each story is separate, there's an epilogue which apparently happened in each one.

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