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"We're not trying to protect some big Shyamalan-style twist, which isn't what the series is about at all. I guess Cliff and I just like that comics are one of the few visual mediums left where an audience can still go into a new story with the thrill of not knowing what to expect at all." -- Brian K. Vaughan, on the deliberate lack of pre-publicity info

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CBR: The announcement teased that "Paper Girls" is "the story of four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls who experience something extraordinary one day..." Tell me the next line that comes after the ellipsis?

Chiang: "Stand By Me" meets "War of the Worlds" in this exciting new ongoing series from the writer of "Saga" and the artist of "Wonder Woman."

CBR: The series takes place in the 1980s. Could you have set "Paper Girls" in present day, or is the decade of Ronald Reagan and MTV important to the story?

Chiang: I've just finished drawing "Paper Girls" #3, and I can say that Ronald Reagan is definitely important to the story! [Laughs] Seriously though, the time frame is vital. We lived with a lot of uncertainty in the 1980s. Remember that sense of adventure and exploration we had when we weren't all tied down and connected to devices?

Vaughan: [Laughs] Cliff sounds like an old man! Oh, wait. We suddenly are old men? Shit. I'm not at all nostalgic for the 1980s, but it's when I grew up and I think it's an interesting period that's weirdly relevant to our present. That said, we hope this story will be equally fascinating to 'mature readers' of all ages whether the 1980s are your recent past or ancient history.

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A smidge late for Halloween, but here's a good story from the tragically underrated Zatanna solo series by Paul Dini a couple of years back.

Featuring Zatanna's failed Sesame Street Cameo, and more )
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Two semi-familiar faces (one unexpected) appear for the first time in the last two pages...

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I have to credit for this.

I've touched on the Batman spoilers today, but they start off with the revelations about Diana and her people. It's a new low for DCnU.
It's a doozy and may not sit well with most of you. Heck, the new S_D protocols may even be triggered.

Fair warning, SPOILERS AHOY.

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Because I am insufferably cool, I bought myself a hip t-shirt - Threadless'Every night I have the same dream )
The shirt also happily reminds me of Ms. Marvel vs. the Targoths )Still, this story is one that I will explore more of in the future. Like... the first week of March?

** Don't ask me why it's Issue 3 vol.1 and not Vol.1 issue 3
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First shot at a post, sorry if there's any problem!

We've seen it from Dick Grayson in Batman and Robin's first run: if these pages from Detective Comics #815 are any indication, stepping into the boots of Batman entails losing a certain skill. Can you guess what it is?

Punctuality? Conversationalism? The ability to look silly in a pointy cape?  )


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