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As per discussion in icon_uk's earlier post, I've taken a shot at scanning two pages I particularly loved from the New Teen Titans: Games graphic novel.

Some context: CIA spook Faraday has alerted the Titans that they've been picked as chess pieces in the machinations of a shadowy figure called the Gamesmaster, and he's targeted the Titans' civilian-ID nearest and dearest. So they scatter to warn and/or secure their closest relations: Donna to her adopted parents (see NTT: Who Is Donna Troy?, posted here once but now I can't find it), Vic to his grandparents, Raven to her mom who's settled in Arizona, Dick to the Batcave, Jericho to Adeline and Slade and Jessica/Megan/Jocelyn/Kayla/Betsy/Morgan/Trinity/etc.etc.etc., as icon_uk notes in the comments.

But! It turns out the target is not a relative, but a friend. Remember Sarah, the petite blonde physical therapist working with kids with prostheses who befriended Vic in the original NTT run? She's taking a charter bus of those kids to the Ren Faire Joey was playing around at in icon's post. There's a bomb on the bus, and it's a race against time - one where they're literally hobbled, because many of her kids have leg/foot prosthetics and can't move quickly enough, or nimbly enough on the grassy roadside, to get out of the blast zone. The Titans are trying to come to the rescue, but -

-some days your friends just aren't there for you. )

All flying Titans available are desperately scouting the roads for the bus, but there's just no time left.

Raven hangs back and weeps guiltily in the aftermath. Vic goes postal on Faraday and Dick has to have Joey possess him until he can get himself back under control. And Raven - oh, Raven - decides she has to have a face-to-face with Vic -

- and then, some days your friends just are there for you. )

Seriously, these two break my heart. Because I remember how suspicious and hostile Vic was to Raven in the beginning, and how hard she worked to earn his trust, and what they've come to mean to each other. I really miss these kinds of friendships.
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It's been a long, stressful week at work (I use stressful, but that doesn't quite convey the sense of a seemingly endless series of nerve shredding, bowel tightening moments), so I decided to get myself a little treat this weekend. So when I happened past a copy of the new "New Teen Titans" hardback, "Games" I couldn't resist.

And I'm glad I did... (Discussion of plot spoilers below, be warned!) )

Also, just for kicks, a page showing that Joey Wilson, owner of absurdly luxuriant locks and sideburns the likes of which comics have not seen before or since, has absolutely NO shame when it comes to headwear either.

With a 'Hey nonny nonny...' )
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One of the most distinctive aspects of The Bronze Age of Comics (early 70's to mid 80's) was how it mixed classic superheroics in a greater sense of realism.

Or at least, that was the attempt, more often than not. Even those results that were groundbreaking at the time now read as dated, ham-handed, and/or just plain silly. I mean, I know it's blasphemous, but have any of you recently read the O'Neil/Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow run?

Due to the popularity of James Bond and other Cold War spy adventures, Batman's stories took on a more global scope, most notably once O'Neil brought in Ra's Al Ghul. Even the classic Rogues got into the espionage game, including Penguin, Joker, and, of course, the focus of today's story:

The surprise identity of today's mystery guest villain behind the cut! )

So obviously Two-Face survives, but we're never given any explanation to how. In fact, this was at least his second sure death during the Bronze Age, the first of which I still have yet to post, and that one wasn't explained away either!

Instead, Harvey returns a mere year later, with no mention of this story whatsoever, in another Novick-drawn tale that not only brings back Gilda, but also directly spins out of the Dave Davis origin. It's Gilda's first appearance since the Golden Age, and the first truly interesting look at the character and why she's so vital to Harvey as a character.
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As someone else noted, DC: The New Frontier is full of perfect moments. The Silver Age Flash gets a couple of them. Now, normally the one that comes to mind is his initial appearance where he goes up against Captain Cold, but while that's pretty awesome too, here's another one that, frankly, I like better.

Watch my smoke, G-Man. )


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