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I've long been a fan of Dean Trippe, diehard comic book fan, excellent artist in his own right, creator of Butterfly (one of the most delightful and charming webcomics I've ever read) and one of the lights behind the ever-enjoyable "Project Rooftop" superhero redesign competitions.

He is also one of the most articulate and thorougly decent chaps you could hope to communicate with, and a loving and devoted father (This was Dean and his son three years ago, and they're still going trick or treating as the Dynamic Duo again this year.), and when you realise what he went through to become such a person, it's even more impressive.

Trigger warning as discussions of child abuse and suicide under the cut

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It's Monday morning, never the BEST time to try and think positive, but I pretty much defy you to not think this is cool

One of my favourite artists is Dean Trippe, creator of the "Butterfly" series and general all round nice guy, who is currently working on an autobiographical story and part of that is what comics were to him growing up.

I'm not sure whether this is a part of that, or should be considered to be more pure fanart, but I don't actually care (and since I didn't post anything on Fanart Thursday last week, I feel justified).

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In the past I've posted some work by Dean Trippe, creator of Butterfly, and one of the hosts of the always fun "Project Rooftop" site (and occasional poster here too).

Here, from his Tumblr account is an outline for a pitch he made to DC some time back...

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Let's start the weekend with a dose of complete and utter cuteness. I mean it, this makes "Batman and Sons" look like the national finals of "Pro-Celebrity: Ugly People Making Out... Noisily".

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