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If there's an award out there for most epic stalking fail by a Gotham City cop in pre-Crisis DCU, this copper right here steals the entire trophy room. He also gets bonus points for having a pornstache and being motivated by his schoolboy crush WUV♥.

Hey Baby! I've been stalking you this whole time, but I've got good news! I know you're not guilty. So do I get a kissy kiss? )

-Le Sigh- I wish I had enough icon space for my 'Harleen Quinzel does not approve' icon on LJ, so face-palming Harley will have to do. :(
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Huntress. Known for:
  • Her short temper.
  • Being nutjob by normal civilians (and sometimes even by other superheroes).
  • Giving Gotham's criminals a faceful of boot, heel, chair, table, or whatever object comes in handy.
  • Shooting pointy things.
  • Confusing the hell out of some people on her status of being Batman's kid or not.

All character flaws and DC fuck-ups aside, she does occasionally show her softer side, especially when rescuing children. (And the D'AWWWW moments are *pricesless*).

At least there's *SOME* consistency! )
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Since it's my birthday today, who else would I post about if not the love child of my favourite OTP in the DCU? :D

Well, besides new Doctor Who that aired tonight anyway; Can't ask for more, lol...

Oh hay thar Helena! Do you only carry mama's whip when you go on holiday? ;) )
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So, I happened across a cbr of the Supergirl Movie Special comic the other week, and in honor of the news that Helen Slater's going to be involved in the writing of Supergirl #50, I thought I'd post some of it. 16 pages of a 48-page story, plus 3 pinups. Adaptation written by Joey Cavalieri from Gary Odell's film script, art and colors by Gray Morrow.

fighting for truth justice and cheesecakey upskirt shots! )

Seriously, folks, if you're a fan of Supergirl upskirts, find yourself a copy of this thing. Gray Morrow drew pages and pages of them I didn't even have room to post here.
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I've saved a lot of random bits of Jason adventures in 'Tec Comics over the last couple of years and upon reviewing them, there are some interesting points and foreshadowing, so after #571 was put up, I thought I'd put these up as well. Some of them are on the crisis cusp (just before, just after) so be aware of that. Let's start with what Jason's cape was used most often for:

About 30 scans of varying sizes from varied issues under the cut. )


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