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So this week has already seen two rather different incidents in the world of long running manga and anime franchise, Saint Seiya. One good, the other... well, I'll get to that.

Saintia Sho anime launches )
Meanwhile in Netflix-land )
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I keep meaning to post samples from Saint Seiya, a 1980's manga/anime/toyline which I'm a big fan of and which was one of the spurs behind the creation of Sailor Moon (they wanted a marketable manga/anime/toyline on a similar theme, but using girls rather than boys), so here is one I've been pondering about posting for a while.... (28 and a bit pages from the 171 page long Volume 10 of Saint Seiya)

First the badass moment )

Now for the slashy part.... )
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I've long had a soft spot for the manga (plus anime and toyline) Saint Seiya... The armour designs were nifty and the mythological references were great fun.

And today's lesson is that gentle /= weak )


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