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'When we decided we were gonna move forward with an imprint, Dan [DiDio] handed me an encyclopedia of DC characters and let me go through it. I found this entry that was super small, and it was Cave Carson. And I was like, “Who the hell is Cave Carson?” It said nothing about him really except that he was a spelunker, and he had a cybernetic eye, and I was like, “That’s it. It’s all about this eye.” There really wasn’t any info on it. It was just a cosmetic device that the writer of Resurrection Man had put in there to show that time had passed for the character, that he had adventures. But no one ever explained how he got the eye.' -- Gerard Way

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Jul. 29th, 2012 07:21 pm
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'Takio' was an all-ages graphic novel that Brian Michael Bendis wrote in 2011. It's about two sisters in an adoptive family that become superheroes. With a new ongoing series based on it that just started, I figured I'd post the beginning of the original as opposed to picking and choosing throughout the entire story. So hopefully if you like it you'll check out the full thing.

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HULK SMASH AVENGERS is a miniseries that shows the Hulk fighting the Avengers at various point in Marvel history. The final issue has the Red Hulk fighting the post-Civil War Mighty Avengers while Tony Stark and Bruce Banner talk things over.

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My bookshelves are groaning. My wallet is empty. To that end, I'm on bookstrike, having sworn off buying books for the month of January. I've got into the habit of having a grumpy day and just giving Amazon money to make myself feel better.

The last example of bibliotherapy that the postman delivered was Dark Avengers: Ares, a volume that collects the 5 part Oeming series where Ares has to save his son and the Greek pantheon from Mikaboshi and the 3 part Gillen series where Norman Osborn puts Ares in charge of training H.A.M.M.E.R. troops.

Both are excellent.

This is an extract from the Oeming series, where the Greek gods have appealed to their God of War for help as Mikaboshi's demons besiege Olympus. They've already scarred Achilles and are too much for gods such as Hercules. And so, the gods realise that they need a god who is prepared to do what no other god will do )
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To complement stubbleupdate's Ares minipost here's an Ares megapost, from the miniseries that kicked-off the character's modern-age revival.

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