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Despite being a tie in to an event comic, Avengers Academy's tie in to Fear Itself is honestly one of the best things to come out of both. I'll also be posting another honestly good thing to come out of Fear Itself, an issue of Secret Avengers written by Nick Spencer. Because it's taking place in Washington DC like the events here, and is just that awesome.

This arc serves as a culmination of a lot of what Academy was about and may just be the best arc in the entire series. Yeah, it's downhill after this. But it's one hell of a high note.

Get your hankerchiefs ready, this is gonna be one hell of a tearjerker.

It also continues the trend these posts have had of "Academy showing up Arena at its own game" as we see death handled maturely and with peak drama.
For those that managed to miss this event (lucky you), )


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The conclusion to the Young Allies/Secret Avengers team up as somewhere in the Colombia to stop the return of Onslaught.

Where we last left off, Onslaught (stage 1) had finally come back complete to the Marvel 616, through the Negative Zone portal, no longer needing his anchor, the young hero Nomad.

Things get worse from there.

Traumatic distortions. )
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In my previous post about C2E2 news, I posted a news bit about a giant Avengers cover drawn by Djurdjevic that would be broken up into (I think) nine parts.  And here it is.

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