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So a recent Sneak Peak of Justice League 3001 showed that Guy Gardner (or maybe his clone) is female now. As you can see from this cover, this wasn't the first time he's been genderbent, so I thought I'd put in a few scans of the time the villain Dementor helped Guy get in touch with his feminine side.
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I don't know how to describe this comic other than that it leaves me smiling every single page. It's about teenagers investigating mysteries. It's adventurous and happy and essentially pure fun in visual form. I don't know how he does it.

Mild spoilers below cut, but nothing big really.

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Yeah... right (Okay, that's a cheap shot, I know they modified it to a gender neutral form in 1987 when ST:TNG came along, but given IDW's upcoming story it seemed apt)

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According to my memory and the tags, we have never had a Moomins post on s_d.

My friends. This is a TRAVESTY.

Here is one page containing four strips (each story takes about twenty pages), to whet your appetites.

(Each story even starts with a buttshot, you guys!)


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series: gratuitous butt shot week, char: moomintroll, title: moomin, creator: tove jansson, theme: genderswap
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This is a character who has only appeared once, I think, but she is one of the most awesome characters.

Why, you ask?

Because of her ONE PERFECT MOMENT!

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This time, with a much more equitable gender balance:

Here, here and here

ETA: And because people seem to think that only famous artists make something legitimate:
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Is this our first "and a scan, just to be legal" post? I think it could be. Here!

Now that that's out of the way, who'd in the mood for Watchmen genderbendery? The fine folks at plus4chan have been doing their God-given duty in applying Rule 63 to Watchmen, resulting in (so far) Danielle Dreiberg, Wanda Kovacs, Adrienne Veidt, Sammy Jupiter, his son Laurence Jupiter, and, yes, Edie Blake. SFW samples behind the cut, and the whole (NSFW) shebang at plus4chan.

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