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'This book is a lot about how we come together in trying times. I was talking to a friend recently. He asked me why, in superhero books and movies, when something terrible happens, humanity panics but superheroes come together. I said, “Well, that’s sort of what superheroes are about.” Then, he said, “but that’s not realistic. When something terrible happens, humanity comes together. You can see in times of crisis that that always happens.” And it’s true.' - Matthew Rosenberg

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'While I was pitching Wil Moss on my Kingpin miniseries, he took over the Inhumans characters. The week he started overseeing them, I emailed him and was like, "Can I do a Quake series?" And he was like, "Uh, maybe." I pitched a Quake series, and he read it and was like, "I really love this, but I don’t know that we can do it." And he was like, "But would you want to do a team book with Quake as the leader?"' - Matthew Rosenberg

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"I am 100% anti torture and have volunteered my time to anti-torture and prison industrial complex work for close to a decade. Which is partially why I wanted to address it in the book. It's something I am passionate about." - Matt Rosenberg

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"IMHO Matthew Rosenberg is one of the best new writers in comics, and he's doing a great SECRET WARRIORS tie-in with Javier Garron." - Nick Spencer

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Marvel's announced a new Secret Warriors series, by Matthew Rosenberg and Javier Garron.

'Some of the original “Secret Warriors” is definitely in our DNA for sure, but we are forging our own path. People will see similarities and differences, but there are elements of other titles thrown in like the X-Men, The Runaways, The Avengers, Heroes For Hire, The Inhumans, and The Defenders too. But at the end of the day they are warriors and they are working in secret, so it was the obvious choice.' - Matthew Rosenberg

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I confess, the raving love on the other boards for this title had me curious, as I had dropped out after a certain villain killed a certain hero. Boy was I wrong on my decision to drop this.
I've been scouring the web looking for more details as to what I missed, and am still filling in the gaps of knowledge.

Secrets shall be revealed. But in the meantime, one last strike.

Bits of #24 behind the cut.

*for the mods
1/3 for 24

Now, I originally WAS going to tie this in with #25 that is also out, but there are so many SPOILERS for upcoming issues of other titles involved that it's best not to, as this series is about to wrap up.

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Readers of Marvel's SECRET WARRIORS title know that Jonathan Hickman has created a few new characters, including a new member of HYDRA's ruling council, a cross between Starro & Davy Jones (from the POTC movies) called the Hive, who speaks in an unknown language.

But did you know his dialogue is actually English? A couple of weeks ago, I puzzled out most of it.

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God l love that epic stuff. CBR has the preview of #10, and we see that the Ares mini has truly become canon, and we shall see how it affects the Secret Warriors. Two preview images behind the cut.

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