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Three pages from Incredibles #7, which continues and concludes the Dash solo storyline...

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creator: mark waid, creator: landry walker, title: the incredibles, publisher: boom!
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The super-hero-ing tradition continues in the world of Pixar as the Incredibles progress into their next story arc. CosmicBookNews has our brave hero about to become another victim of Dexter Morgan... I keed, i keed, but you know the routine. Boy wonder (minds out of the gutter!) is in trouble and it's up to someone unexpected to save the day.

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Seven pages from issue 4 and four from issue 5 make eleven...

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title: the incredibles, publisher: boom!, creator: mark waid, creator: landry walker
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The conclusion of the first story arc.

title: the incredibles, publisher: boom!
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The first issue of the Incredibles comic book, written by Mark Waid and drawn by Marcio Takara, came out this week. This was its double-page splash.

Possibly more gross than the creative team intended. )


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