Sep. 16th, 2009

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... And, OH, how I am going to SAVOR this moment. :)

So, here we are, Wednesday at last, and Amazing Spider-Man #605 is finally on the stands.

Amazing Spider-Man writer Fred Van Lente told us that Amazing Spider-Man #605 "makes it clear that Michelle and Chameleon did nothing more than make out in the kitchen scene" in Amazing Spider-Man #603, in which "[t]here was no sex" between the two characters.

Spider-Man editor Steve Wacker told us that, in Amazing Spider-Man #605, "we'll come to find out the truth" about whether the Chameleon and Michelle had sex in Amazing Spider-Man #603, and he added that "Michelle isn't as 'easy' as some readers seem to think."

With all that being said, what ACTUALLY APPEARED on the printed pages of Amazing Spider-Man #605 this week?

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For F-Yeah! week, I present possibly the best Oracle page in the last seven years:

JLA: Classified #14 )
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DC Source just posted the cover for Batgirl #5 and I think it's super cool looking.

Also, check out the latest DC Nation again here:

Some interesting points:

*They DID seriously consider putting Babs in the Batgirl suit.

*Once again, it's reiterated that there will be big plans in 2010 for "everyone's favorite non-lethal assassin" (Cass).

*DiDio states he did agree to kill Stephanie. And apparently it was his idea to make her Robin. MAKE UP YOUR MIND WHOSE IDEA IT WAS GUYS.
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The DC Source has a preview of R.E.B.E.L.S including a catch up on Lyrl Dox, Son of Vril Dox, Great Uncle of Querl Dox.

He grew up quickly, if I remember rightly the last time we saw him was showcase '96. The Reboot Legion are trapped in the 20th century and Brainiac 5 has inadvertantly awakened Brainiac 1. Vril gets the call and he decides to go and take down his dad.
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Hello there!
I'd like to share with you guys a webcomic I've been following for a while now, Yet Anouther Fantasy Gamer Comic. It's a great comic set in a D&D style fantasy world and focusses around the monsters living in the Black Mountain and the humans/elves/halflings in the nearby areas. It updates daily and is a great mix of humour, action, drama, angst and all those good things. It shifts from one shot joke strips, minor humourous arcs and year spanning stories as the creator sees fit. It's got several great characters from that fabulous orc noblewoman Mrs. Bloodhand, the kinky drow Arachne, irritable 'straight' man half-elven ranger Cadugan, Bob the Beholder with a wandering eye (or four) and many many more. One thing like about the comic is that while it never shys away from nudity it's always done tastefully and is never gratuitous. Plus it's equal opportunity.

So I'd like to share a few pages and hope you like what you see, feel free to check out the forums too, lots of fun and some great mods keeping us all in line.

First up:
Giovanna vs King Eric

My favorite page so far:

Some harpies:

Mrs. Bloodhand giving Bob a familiar speach:

A different take on a creepy forest:

Poor Lucas:

And poor Glon (but fun for us!)

Here's Lucas showing that even facinf his newly undead father, stripped naked and tied up he's still awsome:

And finally, a butt that even a Goddess can't resist

And in case anyone is worried, yes I asked the creator before using all these links, he said he preffered it to just taking the strips and hosting them myself.
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It's an article of faith on SD that everyone in the Ultimate Universe is a dick except Peter. It's untrue, of course; the UFF are all, if anything, kinder than their mainstream counterparts, and most of the X-Men are perfectly decent people. Then there's Ultimate Tony Stark.

There were a few things about today's Ultimate Armor Wars that jumped out at me that I thought I'd share.

four pages )
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Part two of "Witches", the story arc focusing on, well, obviously...

Also, the first five pages of Willingham's Fables prose novel PETER & MAX.

title: fables, creator: bill willingham, creator: mark buckingham, publisher: vertigo
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Just a few panels from JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA# 5, with the usual Gardner Fox appproach of giving kids exciting, colorful epics that regard the laws of physics as mere suggestions.

Okay then. Green Arrow climbs out of his jet in mid-air (leaving it on auto-pilot, I suppose). Standing on the wing and not getting blown off by the 600 mph winds, he whips three fishing-hook arrows out of his quiver and fires them in close succession. Not only does he manage to snap his teammates who are falling from another plane (and look how far away they are in that first panel), he then grabs the fishing lines and lowers all three of them to the ground. He's reeling down roughly six hundred pounds of dead weight from a jet to the ground. Damn. If he can do things like that, he doesn't need a bow and arrows to fight crime.I loved Fox's stories for their imagination and outlandishness, but honestly, the guy went overboard as soon as he put paper in his typewriter...

char: green arrow, era: silver age, creator: gardner fox


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