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These are two pages from Bendis and Maleev's back up story from Daredevil #1.50. Their run on Daredevil is easily one of my favorite comic stories of all time and seeing them together again was the main reason why I picked up this issue. I'll admit to being a little disappointed given how brief it is and how different it is from the style of their earlier run but it was interesting to see them try something new in presentation. Without further ado...

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I've only been reading Daredevil for about a year and a half. I think I came on board with #18. Since then, I've been buying back issues off Comixology and just discovered Marvel Unlimited. I'm gradually becoming informed of what's gone on in the last 50 years and recently read the King of Hell's Kitchen arc (DD Volume 2 #56-60 by Bendis and Maleev). In that arc, Foggy had a very valid complaint in issue 58:

From Daredevil 58

That time, Matt went and did something truly audacious that had huge fallout, for Matt, but also made a lot of problems for Foggy.

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I think the last time I cried over a comic was back when Cypher died and Rahne was going through Danger Room scenarios to see how many ways she could have saved him. Record has now been broken some 25 years later...
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Part 1 here -
Part 2 here -

Following his short time at Valiant where he did a lot of cover work outside of the Ninjak title he pencilled, Quesada and inker/pal Jimmy Palmiotti formed their own publishing company, Event Comics; launch title their creation Ash (Ashley Quinn), a fire-fighter turned alien-superhero.

The success of this venture would lead to Quesada and Palmiotti being approached by Marvel to revamp some of their weaker performing properties, and eventually Quesada being offered the Marvel EIC position which he held for over ten years.

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This week, I was wondering what comic book characters are from Boston, Massachusetts. Emma Frost is from Boston, though she talks pseudo-British. Cloak of Cloak and Dagger is from Boston. To my surprise, Dane Whitman, the Black Knight is from Gloucester, Mass.

But instead of a post with those characters, here's post about Kathy Malper, a female Daredevil supporting character who (somehow) was never romantically involved with Matt Murdock..

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