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Empowered volume 9's out, the digital version is too, and the physical one hit the NYT bestseller's list, so it's about time we got an Empowered post!

Empowered takes on the evil Dreadnaughty Naughty! )
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This was an awesome one-shot that brought a smile to my sullen old face during all the reboot misery. It is completely worth your time to look through the "maidman" tag and get to know the character, because he is AWESOME.

It's mildly risque due to beefcake and bedroom talk, so possibly NSFW?

4 pages of - and three questions for - the Maidman, under the cut )
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This is a reconstruction of an earlier post that was lost with the TOSing.

Maidman is a cross dressing Batman analog that started appearing in volume 4 of Empowered. Unlike Batman he seems to love his job and is quite well adjusted (for a cross dressing vigilante with a spit personality).

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There had been some acrimony and discussion here about the Wonder Woman pilot so I thought posting Empowered's take on it might be amusing.
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For weakness week I scanned more Emp pages than I ended up using in the post, so here's another post of the awesomeness that is Emp for you :)

More cool Empowered behind cut )
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The herioc age of Marvel kicks into full swing as the May solicits come out, but here is an interesting piece that has come out.IGN has the solicits and covers for Marvel's May Mayhem.

Summer reading.  )
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In honor of Adam Warren's Empowered one-shot hitting the shelves, let's take a look back at Empowered vol. 4!

Eight scans under the cut!

Sucks to be you, Superchica... )
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For my first post on the new version of Scans Daily, I'm going to give an alert to all the Empowered fans in the audience.

Apparently this week Dark Horse is releasing an Empowered One-shot, and according to Adam it's sales are going to help determine future plans of Empowered, possibly including future releases.

So if you're an Empowered fan? Or if you have heard about it and want to check the comic out? Now's a good time.

The Wench With A Million Sighs )
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I was cleaning out my Photobucket account the other day and discovered a few pages from an old issue of Gen-13. I posted them to the old s_d, where they were reasonably popular.

This is Rick Mays on art and Adam Warren on words, from the old run of Gen-13, two volumes ago and right before Warren blew up the team.

Incidentally, I've also read Empowered #5 recently. I should like to propose an Adam Warren week. Anyone down for that?

Sarah Rainmaker talks about clouds )
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Empowered 5 came out today. Quite good if significantly more subdued than normal. Go out and buy it!

I am posting the last page of the volume. Not really a spoiler per-se.


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