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Bob Harras wrote AVENGERS #280. Hospitalized after Mr. Hyde tortured him, Jarvis reflects on his time in Avengers Mansion. It included a flashback that explained the "Jarvis was the Crimson Cowl" plot point from the first Ultron story.

Edit: Ultron's "hack" of my post has been fixed.

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After seeing a couple more young heroes struck down I thought it was appropriate to post this again. While wrapping up his run on Plastic Man artist/writer Kyle Baker decided make his feelings on the post Identity Crisis DC Universe known. What's kind of remarkable about this book is that Baker was ruthlessly skewering plot points from Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis while Identity Crisis had just came out and trade and Infinite Crisis was being full-on hyped. Oh and I made a post on my tumbler on this...

The Funeral of Billy Batson )

Given the current environment of comics this will never stop being funny.

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You'll have to forgive me, everyone else already got the really special ones this week, and too many of the others we might want to post from later, so I'm showing you Hawkman.

I heartily recommend the title to anyone who isn't picking it up. This is a really magical kind of thing, and I promise you won't regret being a part of it! I've been showing it to everyone I know who's even vaguely interested in comics, getting them as excited as I am. My LCS' are selling out, so don't miss out at yours!
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I was kind of surprised to find that some people had never seen the glory that was The Cowboy Wally Show. So, to further tempt those who haven't read it to stampede your local comics shop and order the novel for their own, here's a few more pages, these from Chapter Four: "Cowboy Wally's Late Night Celebrity Showdown".


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