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So I guess this being labeled a Two-Face story is a bit of a spoiler but then again the title isn't exactly a subtle one. In addition to the expected character moments I also chose this story for how it depicts Bruce Wayne.

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So when I originally started this spat of GI Joe scans it was with the intent of exploring the character of Snake-eyes, we went off the rails there with the Ninja Force/Transformers arc... That had a lot of Snake in it, but I just found myself naturally more attracted to Scarlett's story.

Let's get back on track shall we, here is the story of how Snake-eyes became mute.

Following the Battle of Millville, Scarlett, and Snake-eyes are ordered to report to the Pentagon for a debrief, they want to know exactly what happened to Dr. Biggles-Jones (Which implies that Larry didn't consider Simon Furman's Gen 2 issue to be in continuity? Or is this a simple mix-up?)

Riding together in the chopper brings back some painful memories for Hawk, Scarlett, Stalker, and Snake-eyes.

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When last we left off Megatron had touched the Ark down in a Cobra occupied town in America so that he could give Cobra Commander some of the tech contained there in as payment for his new body... but Megatron has something else that interests him, a reason he is continuing to deal with Cobra.

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Belated! Now, HERE's a decent Bruce post:

But seriously, for my probably last Bat-Day post, here's one of, if not the, saddest Batman scene from No Man's Land ('Tec #275): Read more... )

Food for Thought:
It's been months since I posted the question, but now I finally know where Alfred was the night the Waynes were killed.
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I figured I'd post one more Batman comic for today. It's from Detective Comics #747. It's a nice little one-shot (although it leads into something else) and also serves as a bit of a counterpoint to some Batdickery.

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