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"A superhero is someone who, at some point or in some way, inspires hope or is the enemy of cynicism. Even if you bog it down with political allegory ... You still need to take the cynical out of it." - Mark Waid

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Thanks to The Mary Sue, for this snippet of info

The latest round of Musical Chairs Mood Rings means that in Green Lantern Corps #36, we're getting an answer to the question;

"Could a male join the Star Sapphire Corps?"

Looks like the answer is... Yes )

Leaving the actual character out of the tags for the sake of surprise.
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Hi everyone! althechi here with a long-overdue update to my personal project to make a new member of the Green Lantern corps, as seen in this previous post. I haven't updated this in weeks because my hard drive decided to go kerplutz on me and I got fed up with the world.

Announcement: I've also launched this on tumblr and, which you can follow on and I'll be providing links to this as well as the corresponding deviantART page in each update.

The tumblr will be updated with something (sketches, inked and coloured pieces, chapters, drabbles) at least once a week.

 photo greenlantern_newissue2small_zpsb578107b.png

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That's all for now; comments, feedback, and/or suggestions (through any of the platforms) would be much welcomed! Thanks for reading.

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If there is one undeniable fact of life in the DC Universe, it is this: The Guadians of the Universe are a bunch of assholes. Not to mention arrogant, self-imporant, and, as shown in recent issues, psychotically insane. Of course, I don't need to tell you any of this; but in this weeks Green Lantern Annual #1, they've really stooped to a new low.

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IGN has the exclusive preview as the Third Army rises and the Guardians make their play to take over the universe.

Leaders "Breaking Bad" ahead.

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Meanwhile, at the other DC titles that is keeping the old DC story line going (besides the Bat titles)... the Guardians continue to wring their hands and plot no good for the universe.

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Previously in Green Lantern: the Secret Origins of the Indigo Tribe is revealed to be Abin Sur's Anti-Guardian Army and is a hive of scum and villiany. So basically Sinestro Corp, but with more redemption. Then the "guardian" of the indigo power battery turned off the lights and released an army of sociopaths.
An Army whose ranks included...
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It's been almost a year since my favorite Blue Space Story Vampire character showed up so I shall share 3 pages of the lovely Lyssa bringing the total pages posted of the issue in total to 4 so far.

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The *necessary* evil of Sinestro continues, as the reluctant Green Lantern hunts down the rest of his Sinestro Corps.

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While I know we can't know the backstory and character of every Green Lantern ever, I'm curious to what degree Green Lanterns see themselves as "space cops" or "space fire-fighters." Do some Lanterns see themselves as representatives of law and order (judge, jury and jailer), while other Lanterns are more about fighting disasters and saving lives instead of fighting "space crime"?

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ComicBookResources has the preview for issue #3 of DCnU Green Lantern.

Now this still feels like it's continuing the story from back in the DCU... and I am grateful for it.

2 behind the cut.

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