Aug. 31st, 2012

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Because you need mindless, bathroom humor on Fridays like this.

ComicBookResources has unleashed one of the most dastardly evil weapons known to fiction. And it's in Deadpool's hands.... well, see the pic and you will understand.

Not for the squeamish or light-of-heart.

Chimichanga!!!  )
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  So the new Bionic Woman and her friend go shopping for fine armaments and the like and this thing happens. I am considering skipping the trade-wait and just buying up the singles, now. 

One page of a five page preview. The rest of the preview is up at CBR.

A Slight Misunderstanding )

ETA: Um, Mods, I can't add a Title: Bionic Woman tag, 'cause apparently that would exceed 5000 tag limit? 


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