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"A whole lot of me went into this series and it took a lot out. If I'm honest, I need a break. I'll be glad to let it go.

"I really, really hate to let it go."
-- Al Ewing

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"LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #16, that's what! Featuring the new poetic edda! Ragnarok II! And the final fate of the Ten Realms!" -- Al Ewing

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Vertigo is to me what Image Comic seems to be others. While everyone gets excited over whatever Image puts out, Vertigo does that for me. It's produced some my favorite comics of all time (Fables, iZombie, Scalped, Saucer Country, and The Unwritten), but it has been falling on hard times recently. This imprint barely had any new titles at all!

...that is, until just recently...

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"This isn't like previous incursions, which went by without comment -- this has a unique symbolic weight, because it really is the end, and creatures of story like the Gods can feel that primal ending resonating in their blood and bone." -- Al Ewing

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"Pain and heartache. This is the part of the story where the wheel of fortune turns and dumps the protagonist right in it. Things have been getting increasingly worse for Loki ever since he came back from the Tenth Realm, and now we're getting to the point of no return. Things are getting dark and unpleasant and shot through with horror in pretty much everything I'm writing at the moment - you'll see it coming up in Captain America & The Mighty Avengers, in Doctor Who, in Judge Dredd, like I'm flushing something out of my system - but arguably Loki has it worst of all. So that's something to look forward to!" -- Al Ewing

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Last issue, Loki was bound and gagged by his older self... are we sure this isn't the slash fic he admitted to writing back in issue 1?

Anyway, King Loki is explaining his plan, and he has some unusual names for some of the most recent adventures. Plus there's a marvelous call-back to Simonson's final issue.

Three panels from from this week's "Loki: Agent of Asgard" #12.

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In the aftermath of AXIS, Loki is the Hero Of Asgard no more. But one change remains: The God of Lies can only ever tell the truth. Now, Loki’s brother, the Odinson, visits his apartment, to talk of cabbages, kings... and Kid Loki. This is it.

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Axis is probably my least favorite event in ages thanks to the lame twist of "It's opposite day!" being the main takeaway. However, bad events are often a time when good writers shine; Starman came out of Zero Hour and Thunderbolts couldn't have existed without Heroes Reborn. And so we have Al Ewing's take on an inverted Loki, and issue 8 features him doing something utterly hilarious.

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"It's something fairly important to me on a personal level -- the idea of learning how to be yourself, to accept yourself, to not let other people's ideas of you define who you are. I think that's something that's important to a lot of our readers as well. Unfortunately, it's a more difficult proposition for a fictional character, especially in a medium that trends so strongly towards nostalgia. There's a lot of forward momentum in comics, but it's always hard-won and you never quite know what'll stick, so the stakes for Loki are real and fairly high." -- Al Ewing

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'How the truth can hurt -- and how it can be used as a weapon -- is a theme that seems so obvious now that I can't believe I didn't intend to have it in there from the start. I mean, In "Loki: AoA" the truth is literally a sword, for goodness' sake. I have no idea where my mind was.' -- Al Ewing

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This year I attended the second London Super Comic Convention, and had a LOT of fun.

There were some great panels (Though I only attended the "Batman through the Ages" one, which had Brian Bolland, Gary Frank, David Finch and Neal Adams on the panel (and included the unforgettable moment of Neal Adams testing the microphone by singing "Over at the Frankenstein Place" to the room, and did it well too!) and some absolutely terrific cosplayers (The Rule 63 Deadshot was excellent, the Jack of Hearts was spectacular, the G'nort was... unforgettable, and the two little lads of colour (One was black, the other was, I think, Indian), who can't have been more than five or six, as Young Justice Nightwing and Captain America and who were wandering around hand in hand (Their dad's were with them I hasten to add), were among the most preciously adorable things I've seen in a long time (and I mean that in an absolutely wholesome sense)

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