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Vertigo is to me what Image Comic seems to be others. While everyone gets excited over whatever Image puts out, Vertigo does that for me. It's produced some my favorite comics of all time (Fables, iZombie, Scalped, Saucer Country, and The Unwritten), but it has been falling on hard times recently. This imprint barely had any new titles at all!

...that is, until just recently...

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Tags-- publisher: eclipse, publisher: fantagraphics books, title: amazing heroes, year: 1985, creator: alan moore, creator: bill sienkiewicz, creator: marv wolfman, creator: george perez, creator: william messner-loebs, creator: dave sim, creator: keith giffen, creator: chris claremont, creator: howard chaykin, creator: jaime hernandez, creator: gilbert hernandez
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Thanks to icon_uk's timely notice of his fanartist of choice's eBay commission auction, I now have a lovely pen-and-ink two-character piece of (Steph) Batgirl and Oracle. He was a pleasure to deal with via e-mail; we noodled around thoughts about Oracle guiding Steph through training before we hit on the idea of Steph in the field with an inset of Oracle monitoring via computer. He also sent me a scan of the pencils so I'd know it was near completion, and included a penciled board with the package.
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How's that for a lotta bang for your commissioning bucks? Thanks again, icon_uk, for the commission tip!

For a legality scan, here's a random page of Babs and Dick fun from Birds of Prey #54 I found floating around my photobucket - I've posted it before, but I think it was to s_d 1.0 and therefore long-lost.
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tag wranglers - char: batgirl/oracle/barbara gordon, char: batgirl/robin/spoiler/steph brown, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, creator: casey jones, creator: gilbert hernandez, creator: mitch ballard, genre: commission, group: avengers, title: birds of prey
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About a year ago, I posted my very first Master Post entry back on scans_daily. It was Giant Size Hernandez Bros. ( ) and it was incedibly fun to do. I was celebrating the release of their latest Love & Rockets volume. Well, the second issue just came out and what can I say? It’s fantastic. I think every time one of these books hits the shelves there should be a parade or some sort of citywide festival. It’s no less than what the Bros.deserve, right? I’m only one person, though, and this Master Post is my humble contribution. HINT: it's got tons of superheroes.


This is a huge post so I’ll keep my dumb mouth shut for the most part. Like last time, I appreciate the present by looking back into some lesser seen gems of the past.

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