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OK. Question numero uno. I just picked up Cap. America: Road to Rebirth, cause a friend of mine told me to check out Bucky's resurrection and the whole storyline and so far it's pretty good. Other than Winter Soldier, what are some of the issues I should pick up? I keep hearing how Bucky's resurrection was better than Jason Todd's (following Under the Hood).

And now for the question that's pretty much re-hashing the atrocity that was Battle for the Cowl. So Bruce's asshattery message to Jason. This was actually brought on by a convo w/ another friend. My only question was going to be about Bucky Barnes trades. But well, I guess I figured I'd ruined all of y'all's Thursday, too. :-D

Could Tony Daniel have written this in a way that, oh I don't know, didn't make it seem like there was further trauma in Jason's childhood more than living on the streets, having a father who was killed by Two-Face, an adoptive mother who was a junkie, a real mother who betrayed him, being beaten nearly to death with a crowbar, blown up and later dig his way out of his own grave? 
The fact that there's more deep-seated trauma than ALL OF THIS kinda seems a bit much.

You know, written it in a way that didn't seem like Jason was molested as a child or something, because that's practically how it reads to me. I don't know how many of you think about this scene in terms of Rage and Screams, but I kinda do.

But really, what SHOULD Bruce have said to Jason as his last words? 
For reference of what Bruce said... see scan.

Yeah. This again. Sorry, guys. D: )

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Someone requested scans of Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum #1. Well here they are. But more specifically the origin of No-Face. So let's all put on a happy face!

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Batman: The Battle for the Cowl has come and gone, and lo, it was a total clusterfuck, as was widely expected.


There was one page in #3 that made me sit up. Made me laugh, made me cheer. I speak of the uncalled-for return of one of the greatest characters of the Bat-mythos.

Of which luminary do I speak? I SHALL TELL YOU.

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One of the differences between the solicited version of Battle for the Cowl: The Network and the final version. Art by José Ladrönn.

From Tony Daniel's blog: "Um let's see - the Huntress I went to Jim's design for 2 reasons, the first is I feel it is sexier and she pops more. The other costume is too much black, which is fine, but in the book there's so much black already. And I like showing some skin when I can. I'm having a blast with all the female characters that I'm now getting a chance to handle. Women are easier to draw than men (for me) so I just have a great time whenever they're featured."
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So, I was working on my pull list article for my website (where I detail what looks good in comics the coming week), and looked up the Battle For The Cowl: The Network cover art for use in the article. I share this with you.

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